ATL Ducks vs Welcome All – 9U DIV

ATL Ducks vs Welcome All – 9U DIV

The Atlanta Ducks have been waiting all summer 16 to get back at the Welcome All Panthers.  The Ducks were in mid season form as they defensive line came to play.  The Panthers are still adjusting to getting their offense going after losing Manur McClain as he has moved to California.  In due time the Panthers will get back rolling but on this day the Atlanta Ducks won the day and were able to get that sour taste out of their mouth from the B2C Championship Series.  Of course Mr. B2C himself had a fantastic game with over 100 yards rushing.


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  1. Great job Panther’s & Ducks! We wish you all a safe and successful football season.
    Stay focused on the student athletes and have fun!

    Best Regards,


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