B2C 12U Division Rankings (GA)

B2C 12U Division Rankings (GA)

1. GA Gators (64)

2. Rarebreed (52)

3. Grayson (21)

4. William Walker

5. Gresham

6. North Atlanta Giants

7. DYJ

8. MLC Hurricanes 

9. East Metro

10. Frank Callen (1)

11. Peachtree Ridge

12. Jefferson (1)

13. North Henry

14. West Georgia (1)

15. Downtown Falcons (1)

The GA Gators (formerly GA Seminoles) are the defending champs for this group.  They are loaded up front on the line.  If they can develop a decent passing game they have a chance to have a historical year.  Rarebreeds are talented beyond belief, last year they didn’t obtain their goal of winning. B2C but this year they have added arguably they best player in the state with Elliott Colson, the QB can do it all.  Grayson is HUGE on the line, they are very similar to the Gators.  They have been the kings in the GFL for a while now.  It will be interesting to see if they get the bid to the Frank Ski Youth Bowl this. year.  North Atlanta has a chance, they last time Coach Jacobs had a good QB his team was very competitive.  This year they have Jaiden Jenkins is a pass/throw threat.  Don’t be shocked if the North Atlanta Giants are in the conversation at the end of the year for the Youth Bowl.  DYJ has always been talented but they lost two dynamic players that had a huge impact on the offense and defense. If Coach Lowery can make a run this year then he deserves to be in the running for B2C Coach of the Year.  West Georgia (NWGYFL) and Downtown Falcons (NEGYFC) both have a great chance to win their league. MLC Hurricanes (SPYFL) have an outside chance to make the Youth Bowl.  They have been smart enough to schedule games outside their league as they have their eyes on preparing themselves for the postseason.  Frank Callen and Peachtree Ridge are both very solid teams that do have talent.  When the opportunity comes to win the big game, can they do it?


Offensive Player of the Year

Jaiden Jenkins – North Atlanta Giants

Defensive Player of the Year

Chance Armstrong – DYJ

B2C Player of the Year

Elliott Colson – Rarebreed 

Frank Ski Youth Bowl Semifinals 

GA Gators over MLC Hurricanes 

Rarebeed over Grayson

Frank Ski Youth Bowl Championship   

GA Gators over Rarebreed

Atlanta Panthers with their Championship Rings at the B2C Gala

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