B2C Baseball Rankings – 13U DIV (GA)

B2C Baseball Rankings – 13U DIV (GA)

1. East Cobb Astros

1. Bombers (Hudson)

2. 6-4-3 DP Cougars

3. East Cobb Colt 45

4. Team Elite

5. Dunn Right Dawgs Red

Bombers (Hudson) have both played outstanding baseball.  As the season goes on you will start to see the separation between the two teams as both of them look to become not only the top team in the state but the top team in the country.  Dunn Right Dawgs have been consistent all year and now they are starting to put themselves in position to twin tournaments.  They are getting better and better each time they take the diamond.  That speaks volumes to what that program is doing over there.

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