B2C Defensive Back Of The Year

Defensive Back Of The Year

Jamious Griffin
Rome Wolves

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Some kids from Day 1 you like to watch and he is one of them.  At running back he is very effective and can continue to play it and be successful if that is what he chooses but at Strong Safety he is an absolute DOG!  He is very good paying in coverage over top and making sure the defense doesn’t give up big plays but where he earns his money or should I say time on B2C is down in the box.  It is very rare you can find a defensive back that cover well in the secondary and come down in the box and lay the wood.  He is a body first player and that basically spells doom for whoever is going for the ball because he will literally turn a happy moment of catching the ball into a very long day.  When he makes contact he explodes through the body which usually jars the ball lose from the ball catcher.  In coverage he is smart enough to recognize formations, down and distance, alignments and routes coming from the inside from a TE or RB and from the outside from a WR.  Helped lead his team to a top ten ranking this year in the B2C Prime Polls for Middle Schools in GA.  Congrats to Jamious Griffin for being named the B2C Defensive Back of the Year.

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