B2C GA Rankings | 11U Division | 10.12.18

B2C GA Rankings | 11U Division | 10.12.18

1.    Atlanta Bulldogs (89)

2.    Gresham Park (31)

3.    Deklab Yellow Jackets Lowrey

4.    William Walker Oomp Squad Blue

5.    GA Seminoles 

6.    Forsyth Paladins (1)

7.    Locust Grove Falcons Black

8.    Grayson Holloway

9.    Mill Creek Voyles

10.  Collins Hill 

11.  Parkview

12.  Riverdale Blackhawks 

13.  Jefferson Russell 

14.  MMC Blue Devils

15.  Griffin Bulldogs 

HM:, College Park RamsEast Metro Steelers, Peachtree Ridge AN, North Henry Grey, North Atlanta Giants Jacobs, MLC Hurricanes

The game everyone has been waiting to see is finally here and its also being played at Old National which is one of the best places to play youth football.  The  Atlanta Bulldogs take on William Walker Tigers.  Let’s take our time and break this one down.  Both teams are very well coached but if we are talking about X’s and O’s that goes to William Walker.  A veteran coaching staff that has been around for a very long time.  They will be counted on to make in game adjustments multiple times.  Both teams are very talented but the Atlanta Bulldogs are loaded.  Chance Campbell from the Atlanta Bulldogs might be the best player in his age group as of today.  Jiovanne McGee is special, he is a big play waiting to happen and Mantrez Walker is sideline to sideline at LB.  He has good quickness and a very unique nose for the ball.  He hardly takes any false steps and is a great open field tackler.  ABA is coming off a high after they beat Maryland Seahawks convincingly.  Now they come back home to play a team that some feel should be the #1 team in the state.  It’s going to be a great environment for the kids.  As it will be a packed house at Old National.  Mill Creek looks like they are playing with confidence again as they were able to beat a very good Peachtree Ridge team.  If they find themselves on the opposite side of the GFL Playoffs bracket from Grayson, then they have a chance to make it to the big show.  


#1 Atlanta Bulldogs vs #4 William Walker



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