B2C GA Rankings | 6U Division | 10.12.18

B2C GA Rankings | 6U Division | 10.12.18

1.   GA Thoroughbreds Red (121)

2.   Acworth Orange

3.   East Metro Steelers

4.   North Henry Orange 

5.   Douglasville Tiger Cubs 

6.   Riverdale Blackhawks

7.   Pike County

8.   Gresham Park 

9.   Downtown Falcons

10. Decatur Army

HM: East Metro Titans, Ridgeland Panthers, Warner Robins, Atlanta Bulldogs, Harrison, Tucker Lions, Fayette County Blue Devils, Smyrna, Madison,, YP Youth Prof Jaguars, MLC Hurricanes   

This is one of the most competitive age groups in the state.  GA Thoroughbreds and Acworth sit on the top of the mountain but 3-10 all have a chance of making an impact in the B2C Championship Series.  Don’t be surprised to Ridgeland, ABA, Warner Robins, Harrison Hoyas and Fayette County all make a push in the B2C and possibly end up in the championship game.  


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