B2C GA Rankings | 6U Division | 11.6.18

To nominate your player for the B2C All American game.  Please click on the link below.

B2C GA Rankings | 6U Division | 11.6.18

1.   Acworth Orange (75)

2.   North Henry Orange (46)

3.   GA Thoroughbreds Red

4.   Riverdale Blackhawks 

5.   Downtown Falcons 

6.   Tucker Lions

7.   Warner Robins 

8.   Harrison

9.   GA Rattlers 

10. Douglasville Tiger Cubs 

HM: Decatur Army, East Metro Titans, East Metro Steelers, Pike County, Gresham Park, Ridgeland Panthers, Fayette County Blue Devils, Barrow County, YP Youth Prof Jaguars, MLC Hurricanes, Atlanta Bulldogs, Trion Bulldogs 

Team of the Week: East Point Bulldogs

First week for teams to receive their invitation to the B2C State Championship Series.  Good luck to all teams.  #WinYourIn 

B2C Championship Series will be played on November 31st – December 2nd (6U Only).  B2C Championship Series is a free invite only tournament to determine the State Champions. Good luck to all teams. Any questions about the B2C Championship Series please email us at 


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