B2C GA Rankings | 7U Division | 11.6.18

North Henry White 7u 2018
North Henry White | 7U DIV

To nominate your player for the B2C All American game.  Please click on the link below.

B2C GA Rankings | 7U Division | 11.6.18

1.   GA Thoroughbreds (60)

2.   Atlanta Bulldogs (60)

3.   Acworth Warriors Orange 

4.   Grayson AN 

5.   Forest Park Vikings (1)

6.   Gainesville – Team of the Week

7.   Marietta 

8.   Butts Co

9.   Atlanta Tigers

10. Decatur Army

11. Locust Grove Black Falcons 

12. Welcome All Panthers Chrome

13. Jackson 

14. Buford NS – Team of the Week

15. Tucker Lions 

HM: North Henry White, Pope, Collins Hill, Summerville, Ridgeland Panthers,Smyrna, Woodstock,

Team of the Week: North Henry White and Buford NS

First week for teams to receive their invitation to the B2C State Championship Series.  Good luck to all teams.  #WinYourIn  

B2C Championship Series will be played on November 31st – December 2nd and December 8th.  B2C Championship Series is a free invite only tournament to determine the State Champions. Good luck to all teams. Any questions about the B2C Championship Series please email us at 


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