B2C GA Rankings | 8U Division | 10.3.18

B2C GA Rankings | 8U Division | 10.3.18

1.   North Henry Tigers (118)

2.   Atlanta Bulldogs (3)

3.   Parkview 

4.   Atlanta Vikings

5.   Rome

6.   Welcome All Panthers Scandrett 

7.   Rockmart

8.   Fayette Co Blue Devils 

9.   Ringold

10. Woodstock 

11. Acworth Warriors 

12. Central Dekalb Jaguars Black

13. Peachtree Ridge NS

14. GA Hurricanes 

15. Jefferson

HM:  Downtown Falcons, Clubview Grey, Archer, Atlanta Colts, Dalton, East Paulding, North Paulding, Brooks Red Bears, Marietta, MLC Hurricanes 

Rockmart has a big win this past weekend against Acworth and shoot up the rankings to #7.  This week they have another battle on their hands as they take on #5 Rome.  The Atlanta Bulldogs are starting to catch the voters attention with some big wins but North Henry dominance over the past three years is hard to overcome.  Parkview moves up to #3 and possibly looks to be a lock to win the GFL but they will have their hands full once they reach the GFL Semifinals.  Clubview Grey from Columbus makes their way into honorable mention as they try to make some noise in east GA.  Fayette County and Brooks Bears have one more week to prepare before they swap paint on the field in a highly anticipated game in the Southern Competitive.  GA Hurricanes make their way into the top 15.    


#5 Rome vs #7 Rockmart


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