B2C GA Rankings | 9U Division | 10.12.18

B2C GA Rankings | 9U Division | 10.12.18

1.     GA Seminoles (116)

2.     Atlanta Tigers  

3.     Middle GA Bears

4.     Tucker Lions (3)

5.     Chickamauga

6.     McEachern 

7.     Flowery Branch

8.     Sharspburg (2)

9.     East Metro Steelers

10.   Grayson AN

11.   Fairburn Flames

12.   Welcome All Panthers Blue

13.   Welcome All Panthers Black

14.   Rome Wolves 

15.   GA Hurricanes

HM: Atlanta Bulldogs, Rockmart, Duluth, Columbus/Phenix City Outlaws, William Walker Oomp Squad Blue, Dacula Falcons, College Park, Atlanta Vikings, Dalton Cats, Acworth Warriors, William Walker Red, Gainesville Robinson, Creekview,  Locust Grove Black Falcons  

Welcome All Blue is hotter than fish grease right now as they have beaten two straight ranked teams in a row.  Their defense hasn’t allowed a single in point in those two games.  Biggest jump of the week goes to Sharpsburg as they continue to look like the surprise team of the season.  Their defense flies around to the ball and their offense can put up points quickly.  ABA is quietly putting together one of the better coaching jobs in the state.  Big wins against William Walker and Fairburn help them extremely for a team no one thought was going to win more than four games.  When the playoffs come we will see if this team is built for the championship run.  Middle GA Bears have their first true test of the season as they play the #9 ranked East Metro Steelers, they have a chance to show all the teams in their age group that they belong with the other elite teams.  GA Hurricanes make their way into the rankings as they had a big win against Union City.  


#3 Middle GA Bears vs #9 East Metro Steelers

Duluth vs Dacula



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  1. Brian, Rich is referring to a time when there were four divisions INSTEAD of six (divisions), not four divisions OF six teams. The era of 26 teams was from 1977 to 1993, when the AL had 14 teams (2 divisions of 7 teams each) and the NL had 12 teams (2 divisions of 6 teams each). What I want to know is, what does Rich have against baseball fans in Miami, Colorado, Arizona, and Tampa that he wants to take their teams away?


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