B2C Player of the Year Finalist | 10U Division

B2C Awards Gala is February 10th at 5PM.
It will be at the Impact Center in East Point GA (2323 Sylvan Rd, Atlanta, GA 30344).
Vote below for the player you feel deserves to win the award.
Voting ends on February 7, 2019 at Midnight
Finalist please send photos to

Player of the Year Finalist | 10U Division 

Markel Aguirre – North Henry Tigers  

Daverin “Deuce” Geralds – Duluth

Aaron “Bugatti” McNeil – Welcome All 

Bryce Green – Parkview

Julian “JuJu” Lewis – Welcome All

Tyriq “Ty Boogie” Green – Welcome All 

Sincere Stevens – GA Rattlers

Tyler Niehr – Smyrna Seahawks 

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  1. Dominie Pittman

    Daverin Decue Gerald’s

  2. Kari Lockett

    Daverin Deuce Gerald from the Duluth Wildcats dominates on offense and defense!

  3. Mel Sanford

    Daverin “Duece” Geralds. Incredible size, power, speed and very high football IQ. Has dominated against the best competition the state has to offer. No flaws, incredible work ethic and the phenomenal team player.

  4. Shakayla Earl

    I’m voting for Deuce Geralds! He’s an amazing football player!


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