B2C Rankings | 12U Division (GA) 10.4.19


B2C Rankings | 12U Division (GA) 10.4.19

1.   GA Gators 

2.   Rarebreed 

3.   Grayson Holloway 

4.   DYJ

5.   North Atlanta Giants – Team of the Week

6.   Collins Hill 

7.   Gresham

8.   MLC Hurricanes 

9.   William Walker

10. East Metro

11. Bartow County

12. Jefferson Todd

13. Bartow County 

14. North Oconee Titans

15. Warner Robins Bandits

Honorable Mention: Peachtree Ridge (Costin), Jefferson Dollar, East Athens Dolphins,  North Henry, Winston, Frank Callen 

With the playoffs a couple of weeks away a few things look like a pretty rock solid lock.  GA Gators and Rarebreed have a great chance at winning their league championship. North Atlanta Giants are becoming scary good as they continue to develop and get better.  They might mess around and win their league which will change everything.  Although MLC have a tough loss against Rarebreeds if you look at the film they had some things that worked in their favor. Like get the ball to Montrez Redding, he has the ability to be a playmaker.  North Oconee and Bartow Co are playing at a high level in their leagues.  Grayson might have their hands full, if Collins Hill continues to win big games. A championship between those two teams could determine who goes to the Youth Bowl.    

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  1. Desmond

    Y’all should watch out for 12u Sandtown vikings they could go all they way after beating the CD jaguars 39-6


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