Damari Alston – Running Back (Class 2022)

Damari Alston 8th Grade 2018
Damari Alston – Class 2022

Damari Alston from Woodward Academy almost needs no introduction as some of his runs in the FBU National Tournament have went viral.  The former Fairburn Flame has easily become one of the more known about rising freshman in the state of Georgia due to his great balance and big play ability from the RB position.

When talking about this past year at Woodward, he refers to Wesleyan where he scored late in the game to bring his team to overtime and Greater Atlanta Christian Game in which he scored four touchdowns.  Always a team first type of player, Damari talks about how the team was successful but how other players stood out “Cameron Cainoin and Avery Smith are some great players that made things easier for me on the field.  I just really enjoyed playing with those guys”.

The former B2C Running Back of the Year finalist is now headed into his summer before high school and he is focused on getting on the field and being an asset to the team which made a Quarterfinals run in the state playoffs last year.  Damari says he is focusing on his footwork, agility and getting to know his high school coaches better.  Coach Ryan Davis from Woodward says “Damari is a great kid!  Every humble kid! Extremely confident and very hard working young man.  He is very focused in the classroom and on the field.  He has an opportunity to make a major impact early for us”.

With a 3.8 GPA and hopes to become a lawyer in the future the sky is limit for Damari.  As Alex Benson from Born To Compete says “The kid is special, he might mess around and become a great player who also becomes a big time sports agent when its all said and done.  He is one of those rare people that can honestly do or become whatever he wants to be in life.”

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