Devin Farrell – #2 Dual Threat QB in GA (Class of 2022)

~By Cody Butler

One of the most promising athletes in the class of 2022 is dual threat QB Devin Farrell. Farrell started for his Holy Innocents his middle school team and even played so well the High School coach moved him up to start a couple of games at the end of the season.  Coach Todd Winter the High School football coach for Holy Innocents said Devin has all the ability to be one of the best QBs in the country at the high school level and we are going to do all we can to get him there.

Considered as the #2 Dual threat QB rich state of Georgia, Devin is the real deal.  Not only is he good in football but he is also a star on the basketball court.  Farrell plays for the national known Atlanta Celtics AAU squad.

Similar in style to Russell Wilson, Farrell’s greatest skillset is his ability to extend plays by using his legs to open up the pass and also his ability to make very quick decisions. Scrambling out of a sack to find a receiver down the field comes natural for him. Farrell can be a great fit for an RPO’s and a strong vertical passing game. His ability to run for positive yards if his reads aren’t there creates a nightmare matchup for any defense to defend.

The 2017 football season is over but the work doesn’t stop. “I want to continue working on my throwing. I want to get better with my anticipation as well as seeing the field better. More reps will help me read the defense quicker and improve”, Farrell explained. The future is bright for one of metro Atlanta’s most electrifying stars.

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