GA Thoroughbreds | 7U Division

For the second consecutive year, the GA Thoroughbreds finish as the No. 1 team in Georgia with a B2C Championship Series title. Thoro defeated No. 2 ABA 6-0 in the B2C Championship game this past Saturday at Grady Stadium in Atlanta. Heavy rain and cold temperatures led to a lot of turnovers for both teams, but Thoro broke through in the second half to repeat as state champions. “It was a great game,” said Coach Richard Willis. “We enjoy playing in big games in that type of atmosphere.”

Dantley “BJ” Cline Jr was named B2C Player of the Game after providing a huge spark on offense running the ball. “He got us rolling on offense, said Coach Willis. “We were fumbling, fumbling, and fumbling. BJ was the most consistent moving the ball for us in the weather.”

Impact play-makers such as Cline Jr, Dashaun “Flash” Morris, Tyrannkeon “TJ” Tukes Jr, and Matthew “Bo” Benton will have Thoro in the running for championships in years to come. “In my opinion, the two best 7U linebackers in the nation are BJ and TJ,” stated Coach Willis. “Those two are the cornerstones on defense. They’re hard hitters and man the inside for us really well. Flash is the general of the defense, he points out at everything on the field.” Thoro only allowed 12 points on defense through eight games in the regular season.

In addition to playing lights out defense, Cline Jr, Morris, and Tukes Jr are three of the best running backs in the city of Atlanta. Most games all three take one to the house. Benton, the quarterback and an outsider linebacker, scored the game-winning touchdown over ABA on a strong run in the second half.

Coach Willis is leading Thoro to the Battle Youth National Championship tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this upcoming week to close out their season. “We’re going down there to handle business as usual and bring the No. 1 ranking back to Georgia.”

Thoro will play the winner of Delray Beach vs the Patriots in the second round of the Youth National Championships on Thursday. “A lot of our kids haven’t been on a plane before so it’ll be a great experience. The tournament ends on Friday but we’ll be down there until Sunday so the kids can enjoy the beach and have a vacation.

~Cody Butler

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