Justus Joseph – WR/DB Class 2022

Justus Joseph 2017 8th
Justus Joseph/Bennetts Mill

Justus Joseph is one of the most talented players nationally in the class of 2022 blessed with elite speed and next level footwork. Joseph helped pave the way for back to back Fayette County Middle School Championships as a two way starter at Bennett’s Mill (8-0) in Fayetteville. Ranked #5 nationally in the middle school 400 meter, Joseph’s speed is often faster than his competition. His footwork and lateral speed makes plays a top defensive back while his acceleration on offense cruises past defenders with the ball in his hands.

Joseph’s big play moment this season came against Whitewater on an interception, but his biggest win of the season came in his last game as a middle schooler. “Beating Flat Rock 12-0 in the championship”, Joseph explained. “We don’t really like each other and it was for the championship”. Bennett’s Mill won the 7th grade and 8th grade Fayette County championship with Justus on the roster these last two years.

“I want to get bigger and stronger now that middle school ball is over”, said Joseph. “My goal is to start as a freshman right away and contribute next year.” While freshman playing at a Varsity level isn’t the norm, it’s certainly within reach for Justus Joseph. “I want to go to LSU. They’re DBU”, Joseph praised Louisiana State University for their high profile of developing top defensive backs into NFL prospects. “I want to play defensive back at the next level. I just want to shut down receivers”. His ability to move laterally as quickly as he moves forward is a skillset looked after by many recruiters. Joseph has a passion for the position and his goals of being a lockdown defensive back at the next level are certainly within arm’s reach.

~ Cody Butler

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