Langston vs Pebblebrook – CCJBC Championship (8th Grade)

Langston vs Pebblebrook – CCJBC Championship (8th Grade)

Kobe Davis 8th Grade
Kobe Davis – Langston Hughes

Langston and Pebblebrook played a classic as both teams played at a high level all game long.  The action started with Langston Hughes showing why they were the #1 ranked team in the state in the B2C Polls as they jumped to an early lead.  Pebblebrook would battle back and eventually take the lead.  The 4th Quarter came and both teams were trading scores back and forth until Langston guard play stated to take over as they were able to consistently get to the basket and make their shots.  At the end it was just to much Langston Hughes as the Head High School Coach was there to give away his feeder program a hard fought championship trophy.  Kobe Davis was named the MVP of the tournament for his outstanding play on the court

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