Player of the Year Finalist Announced – 7th Grade

Player of the Year Finalist – 7th Grade

Miquon Mayweather –  Aaron Cohn

David Mbadinga – North Cobb

Ian Geffard – Pebblebrook 

Zaire Goff – Centennial 

Harlem Diamond – Cedartown

Please vote below for the player you feel deserves the award

Make sure to be in attendance for the B2C Awards Gala on February 11th to find out who the winner will be.

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  1. Ivy Boozer

    Harlem Diamond is nothing but the truth when it comes to that football field.

  2. Jhinora Pollard

    A truly great kid. His talents come effortlessly yet he still works hard to improve and become a better athlete, devoting all his time (left over from schoolwork and studies) to become better than he was the day before. He pushes himself beyond the limits, sometimes it’s not about how good you are but how hard you are willing to work to become the best you can be. Driven, determination, dedication, discipline, committed, relentless, focused, team player, humble and well rounded are just a few words to describe how amazing he is. Talent brings the crowd, desire bring the reward. Congratulations Harlem the desire has brought you this far!


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