Player of the Year Finalist Announced – 8th Grade

Player of the Year Finalist – 8th Grade

Bryce Archie – McEachern 

Jamiel Johnson – Fort Middle

Denorris Fuller – Carver Rd 

Latavius Johnson – Tucker Tigers

Quintavious Lockett – KIPP Metro

Sutton Smith – McEachern 

Chad Mascoe – Peachtree Ridge

Daniel Martin – North Gwinnett 

DeNylon Morrisette – Peachtree Ridge 

Styland Scott – Lithonia Bulldogs 

Rashad Dubinion – Bethune 

Jack Nickel – Milton 

Nathan Vail – Harrison

TJ Williams – Parkview

DJ Riles – East Columbus  

Alexander Diggs – Brookwood 

CJ Washington – Cedartown

Jakeel Mitchel – Jonesboro 

Myles Morris – Pace Academy

Please vote below for the player you feel deserves the award

Make sure to be in attendance for the B2C Awards Gala on February 11th to find out who the winner will be.

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  1. Great way to honor these young man.

  2. Name of Player: Denorris Fuller

  3. Theresa Smith

    I appreciate these young players reaching for the sky and having fun doing so. #Parkview . Keep moving forward ,loving each other & being there for each other.

  4. Derrions is the best he scored over 12 touchdowns. Over 800 rushing yards. He really does need to get this award because not only he is a good teammate he a good friend.

  5. Hannibal Jenkins

    Great player Dj Riles ecma

  6. Brittany N Hammock

    CJ Washington 8th grade ran for over a 1,000 rushing yards and scored 22 touch downs. He is a role model, leader, very respectful young man on and off the field. It’s great to see all of these athletes being recognized for their talent.

  7. Monica Price

    CJ Washington 8th grade is a very respectful and humble young man on and off the field.

  8. Brittany Hammock

    CJ Washington rushed for over a 1,000 yards and scored 22 touch downs. He is a very respectful and humble young man. He represents on and off the field.

  9. Philip Scoggins

    Great Player Derrions Fuller GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Philip Scoggins

      Derrions Fuller got 12 touchdowns. He also rushed for 800 yards.He is an awesome player. He is a quickly paste runner.

  10. Terry king

    Great Player Denorris Fuller had at least 17 TD’s in 10 games and ruched over 800 yards.

  11. Brittany N Hammock

    Cedric Washington ran for 1,000 rushing yards and 22 tds

  12. Jakell Mitchell was one of the best quarterback I have ever seen, play. Great work lead Jonesboro Bears 7-1

  13. Look up Jakell Mitchell #2 on YouTube to see his highlight. And you will know why he deserve the awards.

  14. DJ Riles

    great player

  15. Karla Wiley

    I think he has been really good and he should win, because he was picked to represent Carver Rd Middle school. He has help us win and he has showed us what he can do and that is amazing. He is really helped us to win this year and should be pick and that is why i think he should be picked.

  16. Sharod Smith

    Q. Lockett led APS in rushing yards with over 1,200 yards and 15 tds & was tge heart&soul of Kipp Metro as they went undefeated while winning the APS Championship


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