Quarterback of the Year Finalist Announced

Quarterback of the Year Finalist

Bryce Archie – McEachern

Zack Rossman – Walton 

Kemper Hodge – Lassiter 

Chad Mascoe – Peachtree Ridge

Myles Morris – Pace Academy

Terrance Love – Ducks

Devin Farrell – Holy Innocents

Gunner Stockten – Gainesville 

Tyler Hughes – Marietta 

TJ Williams – Parkview 

Jakeel Mitchel – Jonesboro Middle

Dylan Lesko – Buford

Please vote below for the coach you feel deserves the award

Make sure to be in attendance for the B2C Awards Gala on February 11th to find out who the winner will be.

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  1. Wanda Batiste

    Way to go Devin!!!!!!

  2. Wanda Batiste

    Congratulations Devin

  3. Devin farrell

    Nice person

  4. Jean Willis

    Keep up the great job TJ Williams


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