Terian Williams: #2 rated QB in Class of 2022

Terian Williams 2017Terian Williams II, also known as T.J., is Parkview Middle School’s 8th grade star quarterback. The first game of the season, he was Born2Compete’s Player of the Week. So far this season, he’s averaged two touchdowns a game.

This past Saturday, Williams helped lead Parkview to a 24-0 win over Grayson. He was 12 for 17 with 170 yards passing and two touchdowns.

“I’ve been proud of leading my team,” Williams said of his early accomplishments. “That was the goal I was coming into the year with, it’s what most important. Making sure my team knows I’ve got their back throughout the year. Something else was staying in the pocket and running out when I need to. Going into high school, I’m going to have to stay in the pocket.”

The 5’10 160 pounder said seeing the Panthers play for a championship is one of his goals.

“I hope to go the rest of the year undefeated,” he said. “I want to win the championship, and head onto the Born2Compete Championship. Another goal is to throw over the Parkview record of passing yards.”

With the Panthers off to a good start, Williams said there is one school he’s looking forward to playing most.

“I’m looking forward to playing Peachtree Ridge,” Williams said. “Their quarterback [Chad Moscoe] is ranked ahead of me right now and they have the top wide receiver [DeNylon Morrissette] over there. I would love to play against them.”

He may only be 13 years old, but Williams is thinking ahead and already has a top school.

“I really love Clemson,” he said when asked about his favorite school. “I love the scheme of the offense and I love the players that have been coming out of there. I really like Kentucky. They’ve been getting a lot of Georgia players lately and I really like the offense. I like how their coaches coach. I also like Vanderbilt, Florida State, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Duke.”

Williams said he’s noticed an early interest from schools.

“I’ve heard a few from different colleges. Penn State, Mercer, South Carolina, and Auburn” he said. “They’ve been coming out to different camps. I heard them talk and they said they’d keep an eye on me.”

~Ashley Barnett


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