10U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 10.2.2013

mcdonoughcougars10U Division
1. McDonough Cougars – SCFL (121)
2. Gresham Park Rattlers – GXYFL
3. North Paulding Wolfpack Silver – CFL
4. Forsyth Paladins – GA D1
5. Riverdale Blackhawks Black – CCFL
6. New Hope Patriots – NWGYFL
7. GA Thoroughbreds – GXYFL
8. Central Dekalb Jaguars Black – SCFL
9. North Henry Tigers – SCFL
10. Grayson Rams AS – GFL

Honorable Mention: Welcome All Panthers (SCFL), East Cowboys (NWGYFL), Atlanta Vikings (GA D1) (SCFL), Redan Raiders (YFA), Hillgrove Hawks (NWGYFL), Rock Chapel (MAYFL)

Another test for North Henry and Central Dekalb. Central Dekalb needs to find out if they are legit this year with a win over North Henry. North Henry needs to see if that loss to McDonough was just a mental thing and Central Dekalb is going to give them a a mouthful with Brandon Morton at RB. As the season progress strength of schedule is starting to become a major factor for a lot of these teams. If you look at the top of the polls you can see that Gresham is sitting at #2 because of it. New Hope is under the radar but they are solid, well coached and the players will run through a brick wall fro their coach. They are looking to make a run to the B2C Championship Series.




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