10U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 11.06.2013

georgia thoro10U Division
1. Georgia Thoroughbreds – GXYFL (37)
2. North Paulding Wolfpack Silver – CFL (32)
3. Central Dekalb Jaguars Black – SCFL (29)
4. Hiram Hornets – NWGYFL (13)
5. Riverdale Blackhawks Black – CCFL (6)
6. McDonough Cougars – SCFL (1)
7. Grayson Rams AS – GFL (2)
8. Hapeville Hornets – YFA (1)
9. Forsyth Paladins – GA D1
10. Rock Chapel Bulldogs – MAYFL

Honorable Mention: New Hope Patriots (NWGYFL), Gresham Park Rattlers (GXYFL), Atlanta Vikings (GA D1) Vikings Maroon (CCFL), Redan Raiders (YFA), Hillgrove Hawks (NWGYFL), Lambert Longhorns (GA D1)

Fayette County is starting to be know as the team that knocks off the giants. They have quality wins over Central Dekalb Black and now over North Henry. Its going to be interesting to see what happens when the playoffs start. Hiram continues to roll and right now Coach Lester has to be getting considerations for the B2C Coach of the Year for what he has done with his boys this year. The GFL Championship is a battle of the Grayson Rams as both teams will face each other in what will be a bitter in park rival. The Vikings Maroon continue to handle their business in the CCFL if they continue to play well they will be looking at the Riverdale Blackhawks square in the eye for a chance to play for the CCFL Championship and also a chance to get their invite to the B2C Championship Series. Hapeville might be one of the most improved parks in the entire state and they have a flagship team with their 10U team. They look like they are lock right now for the B2C Championship, now they must use their playoffs to fine tune and get ready to take their play to the next level.




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