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Top 30 Dynasties in YFB in the B2C Era | 1-30

Top 30 Dynasties in YFB in the B2C Era

Over the years Born To Compete has been fortunate to feature some amazing teams in youth football. Some teams that we used to see as they were on the tail end of their youth football career when B2C had just started including the North Henry teams with Cam Sutton (PIT Steelers) and Welcome All with DeAndre Walker (TN Titans) did not make the list.  The teams listed either won multiple B2C Championships or were in the hunt for them. These 30 teams are considered the best in the B2C Era in Georgia


1. Atlanta Ducks 

They won 6 B2C Championships, won a Frank Ski Youth Bowl at 12U, won every big game you could possibly think of and that team was LOADED.  This past year they had two Freshman All Americans in Terrance Love and Gannon Weathersby. TJ Booker, Horace Lockett, Bryce Thornton, Johnathan Hughley, Jelani Thurman and Isaiah Collier (Basketball) are all on the radars of colleges. Coach Morton was perfect leader for that team as he always had them prepared to play.  

2. Welcome All Panthers

A special group of players, that is why they call them the Dream Team.  Multiple All Americans, multiple B2C Award winners, multiple coach of they year awards. They have won 6 B2C Championships and are now looking to possibly become the greatest team in the B2C Era next year. They have went through multiple personnel changes at key positions but have gotten better and better each year. 

3. Acworth Warriors

As time has passed people have forgotten just how good this team was. They won 4 B2C Championships against some of the best teams during their time.  They had multiple B2C Players of the Year. What made them even more special is this group did it with 4 different head coaches. Every single big game they played they won and left no doubt who was the more dominant team.  No telling what would happen if they would have been able to stay together at 11U and 12U 

4.  McEachern Indians

Bryce Archie, Sutton Smith and Latrell Bullard are just three names to start with. All of them were B2C All Americans and all of them were award winners and have proven it in high school so far.  The best offensive team in the B2C Era. They could score anyway possible. The snow storm probably robbed them of winning the B2C State Championship in 8th grade as they game never happened but they were one of a kind.  

5.  Atlanta Vikings

They were in the championship every year except at 11U. They had one of the most talented teams EVER including the potential 1st pick in the upcoming NBA Draft in Anthony Edwards who won every single award possible. They finished their career with a dominating performance in the Frank Ski Bowl by blowing out their competition. 

6.  Union Grove Wolverines

The only team to ever win back to back Frank Ski Youth Bowls. One of the best coaching staffs to come through B2C.  They were picked to lose every big game but they always found a way to win. They were the true definition of “Team”.

7.  Dacula Falcons

Dylan Singleton was a monster.  They were able to build a team around his talents. Great coaching staff and a team that played at such an efficient level. They only lost two games their entire career.  Their team would split when they got to high school as some would go to Archer and the rest to Dacula. Both teams would end up doing very well in high school.

8.  Sequoyah Chiefs

The original kings of the GMSAA as they would win three in a row.   They were physical, physical, physical.  They would run the ball on anyone.  Their offensive line and defensive line was one of the best units in the B2C Era. 

9.  Atlanta Panthers 

Started out with a lot of success early. Once they got back to the top of the mountain they never let go.  They won big game after big game.  Coach Noland led the team to 3 B2C Championships and 1 epic Frank Ski Bowl Championship. They have at least 11 players that have a chance to make an impact on the high school level. 

10.  Grayson

This team was split for most of their youth football career as they would either win the GFL Championship or play each other in the championship game or semifinal or just big game…you know what we mean.  Once they came together in 8th grade they were unstoppable. Winning the first B2C 8th Grade State Championship in dominating fashion against a very Kipp team with QB Carlos Del Rio.  Jamal Haynes has become what everyone thought he would be and that is special. 

11. Crawford Long

Coach Simpson has built a legacy. Two back to back county championship.  One B2C State ChampionshipThey have had a top ten ranking even year for the past six season.. The last two B2C Players of the Year for 8th Grade.

12. Cartersville

Had one of the longest winning streaks in the state.  Have been ranked in the top 20 for the past 6 season. Their feeder translates into multiple state championships at the high school level.  They produced arguably the #1 draft pick in next years NFL draft in Trevor Lawrence.

13. Central Dekalb Jaguars 

Labled themselves as the Bad Boyz. They were in the hunt for the B2C Championship every year during their run.  They would end up winning the Frank Ski Bowl their 12U year.  Top players included Devin Farrell, DeNylon Morrissette and Bruce Thornton

14. Atlanta Bulldogs

Coach Hilton led Atlanta Bulldogs were runner up 5 times in the B2C State Championship and in the Frank Ski Youth Bowl.  Won the State Championship once.  Multiple player of the year award winners.  They played as the Atlanta Ducks before they switched to the Atlanta Bulldogs.

15. North Cobb Warriors

Won the GMSAA 3 times.  Finished with a top 5 rankings every year.  The team produced multiple B2C All Americans including current high school freshman Malachi Singleton and David Mbadinga 

16. Mill Creek

Won multiple GFL Championships and won a B2C State Championship. Caleb Downs would end up becoming a freshman All American.

17. Tucker Lions

A team that started hot by winning multiple B2C State Championships and had a lull. They would come back strong their 11U and 12U year. 

18. Brookwood

A very good team as they were able to win the GFL Championship every year except one.  Alexander Diggs would go on to win multiple B2C Awards.

19. Tucker Tigers

The middle school under Coach Walker would make six County Championship games in a row.  With a power running game and a defense that was physical. They had a chance to win every game.  During that run they would be ranked in the Top 3 every year. 


20. Calhoun Middle School

Calhoun has a had a top 20 run in the B2C Polls for the last four years.  They have had multiple all Americans and B2C Award winners including Landon Rice, Brannon Spector and Baylon Spector .

21. Peachtree Ridge 

This team was loaded. After it was all said and done they had multiple GFL tittles a Frank Ski appearance and a #3 finish in the B2C polls in the 8th Grade.  Players included Breon Dixon, Davis Mills and Connor Heyward

22. Flat Rock Middle School

Flat Rock has been a mainstay in the conversation when it comes to top teams in the B2C Era.  They have been ranked in the B2C Polls 7 of the past 8 years. 

23. GA Thoroughbreds

Won the B2C State Championship at 6U, 7U and 8U.  All the games were won in amazing fashion.  The best thing about this team is the bigger the game was the better they played. 

24. McDonough Cougars

McDonough lead by Coach Chad would be runner two times and would become the first team to ever win the B2C from the play-in game in what has been the most competitive state playoff ever.  Every game in that age group was decided by a touchdown or less.

25. South Cobb Ravens/Welcome All Panthers

Won 1 B2C, runner up B2C, won the Frank Ski Youth Bowl.  One of the best teams that built their team over time.  Once they were able to beat the Atlanta Vikings at 10U they never looked back.  It also helped a lot when they added future All American Jaylen McCollough who is now starting at University of Tennessee 

26. Fort Middle School 

Fort has won 2 county championship in the past four years and have always been in the mix for the championship when they haven’t won it. Jamiel Johnson and JQ Hardaway have gone on to become big time recruits in high school. 

27. Red Dawg Unit/Atlanta Bulldogs

Coach Reggie finally has a team that he has been able to put his stamp on. Back to Back B2C State Champs in Georgia.  They have a roster that can be contributors in high school when their time comes 

28. Forsyth Paladins

They built their team from the ground up.  When they first started they lost the Atlanta Vikings by 40 points in a 20 minute running clock game.  Their final year at 10U they beat the Atlanta Vikings in a Overtime Classic for the B2C State Championship.  Their players had a winning impact at the next level as Hunter Hawk helped Holy Innocents have one of the best years ever and Sam Hines was the MVP of the State Championship Game with Wheeler upset over Grayson. 

29. North Clayton/Riverdale Blackhawks 

This might have been one of the most talented teams never to win the B2C or Frank Ski.  Always in the mix at the end. They had multiple runner up endings. Zerrick Cooper, Charles Wiley, MJ Walker (Basketball), Kindle Vildor and Kali James all have had a impact at the college level. 

30. Alpharetta Eagles/Johns Creek

Won a state championship then they became the John Creek Gladiators and had a great season as a runner up.  Team produced three Army All Americans in Steele Chambers, Chris Hinton and Myles Hinton.  Grant Summers, JD Bertrand, Mike Ciaffoni and CJ Abrams (Baseball) have also found success at the college level. 

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