12U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 10.16.2013

carolina_panthers-77412U Division
1. Welcome All Panthers – SCFL (121)
2. Atlanta Vikings – GA D1
3. Fayette County Blue Devils – SCFL
4. North Henry Tigers – SCFL
5. Gwinnett Chargers Blue – YFA
6. Jonesboro Ducks – CCFL
7. Atlanta Colts – NWGYFL
8. Johns Creek Gladiators – GMSAA
9. Rome Wolves – GMSAA
10. Panhandle Gamecocks White – CCFL

Honorable Mention – North Gwinnett Bulldogs NS (GFL), Gresham Park Rattlers (GXYFL), Dacula Falcons Grove (GFL), Central Dekalb Blue (SCFL), Athens Oilers (GA D1), Tucker Lions (SCFL), Hillgrove Hawks (GMSAA), Welcome All Blue (MAYFL), Union City Eagles (YFA), North Paulding Wolfpack (GMSAA), Buford Wolves NN (GFL)

Gwinnett Chargers are back rolling, about time. They are to talented to ever play the way they did at the beginning of the season. Now they look like the Chargers that we have come to know over the years. Rome is slowly becoming one of the top programs in the state. They had a huge weekend with multiple wins this past weekend against North Paulding. North Paulding will bounce back but now they have to deal with a Rome team who’s swagger is at an all time high right now. Tucker and Central Dekalb are both at a crossroad in their season as both must get in a winning streak soon before the ship starts to sink. Dacula suffered a tough defeat but out of that game might have came a new star as the Buford NN QB is a Duel Threat that can deliver the ball and also make plays with his feet. This might be some shocking news but after the GXYFL has won 3 straight Frank Ski Youth Bowls they might be on the verge of not even getting in the Youth Bowl as Gresham seems to be their only hope but some things look like they have to happen in their favor in order for them to get a bid. A couple of weeks it was reported that the Panhandle Gamecocks might be the better team in the CCFL, now it seems like the voting is starting to tilt their way as the Jonesboro Ducks are looking to hold on to their position as the king of Clayton County.


roswellvsjohnscreek northhenryvstucker2


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