2013 Gwinnett Football League Cheer Off Wrap Up!

DULUTH, GA — The 2013 Gwinnett Football League Cheer Off was full of the excitement and anticipation from a full season of practice, leading up to two and half minutes of perfection.  The jumps were high, the choreography…fierce!  Youth cheerleaders, parents, football players, and fans piled into the Gwinnett Arena to cheer for their favorite squad.

Born to Compete was there to witness all of tumbles and splits.  Check out which organizations stood out over the rest:

Peachtree Ridge Lions

The lady lions came to compete, with a second place finish in the Third Grade/Medium Division.  Ridge looked very strong in the  Fourth Grade/Medium Division, sticking all of the their stunts.  Their jumps were high and almost perfect and lead them a third place finish in their division.  The fifth graders finished fourth overall in the medium division. The seventh graders had very creative chants as a part of their routine, and finished second overall in their division. The Eighth Grade/Extra Large Division was turned up-side-down with a knock out performance by Ridge, leading them to another first place victory in this division.

Mountain View Bears

Mountain View is a fairly new organization to the Gwinnett Football League, but did not let the more experienced organizations intimidate them.  The Second Grade/Medium Division was taken over by the Lady Bears, finishing first overall.  The third and fourth graders would follow suite and would finish first overall in the medium division. Strong choreography was Mountain View’s advantage throughout the competition.  The fourth graders had great arm extensions.  The sixth grade Bears brought a different style of their own, with a very precise and technically sound performance.  Their great performance would lead them to a second place victory in the small division. The eighth graders would cap off a great day by taking home the fourth place trophy in the large division.

Norcross Blue Devils

The earlier competitions (first, second, and third grade) would belong to the Lady Blue Devils, as they took home first place trophies in each age group.  Norcross had it all, pop, drive, precision, and charisma.  The fourth graders cheering section of the routine was great.  Their chants were very loud and clear.  The fourth grade Lady Devils would finish second overall in the medium division.  The fifth grade girls would not disappoint, giving the crowd another great high energy performance.  They came to compete and finished first in the small group division.

The seventh grade squad also looked very precise and clean.  A loud and energetic performance gave Norcross another first place trophy to add to the mantle.  The eighth grade squad gave the younger squads a strong legacy to uphold.  They nailed all of their difficult parts of their routine, and gave the crowd another first place performance in the Medium group.

This Norcross squad will compete against the best cheer squads that Atlanta has to offer during the B2C Cheer Championships.

Brookwood Broncos

Brookwood has a great tradition of strong cheerleading.  The first grade Lady Broncos would finish second overall in the large division.  The third graders would finish third overall in the large division.

The fourth graders did great, with creative transitions and great crowd participation.  Overall, the fourth graders did well, and were precise and confident in their moves.

The fifth graders finished third overall in the large group division, while the sixth graders had a route full of jumps and stunts and good choreography.  Their routine would give a second overall finish in the large division.

Mill Creek Hawks

This organization knows two things for sure: cheerleading and how to win!  Taking home a trophy in every division, the Lady Hawks came to show everyone why they own the number one spot in the Born to Compete Youth Cheerleading Rankings.  Their performances made huge statements, and show their competition why they born to compete! (Sorry, I just could not help myself 🙂

Each routine contained technically sound performances, great choreography that was not only entertaining, but easy to follow, top notch jumps, and strong finishes.  These is how Mill Creek finished:

  • Second overall First Grade/Large Division
  • First overall Second Grade/Large Division
  • First overall Third Grade/Large Division
  • Second overall Fourth Grade/Large Division
  • First overall Fifth Grade/Large Division
  • First overall Sixth Grade/Large Division
  • First overall Seventh Grade/Large Division
  • First overall Eighth Grade/Large Division

Grayson Rams

The Lady Rams gave their competition a tough run, and continued to win.  Grayson has a great tradition of winning, taking home first place trophies in the First Grade/Large Division, and second place trophies in the Second Grade/Large Division and Third Grade/Large Division.

The fourth graders had great crowd participation and creative transitions during the chant section of their routine.  The Lady Rams took home the first place trophy in the large group division. The fifth graders would follow with a routine full of high toe touches and hurdlers, with few stumbles.  The fifth grade Lady Ram finished second overall in the large group division.

The eighth grade performance contained a lot of organized movement, strong transitions, and clean stunts and would lead them to a third place finish.

Duluth Wildcats

We had a chance to speak with the coach/cheer director for the Duluth Wildcats the day before the competition, at the 8th grade Duluth vs Shiloh game.  She was very excited, nervous, yet confident.  The Wildcats were focused on the task that they had to complete the following day.

Duluth showed up big and would place in many of the age groups.  The first, second, and third graders would finish second in their divisions.  Precision would help the fourth graders win the small division.

Great chanting and crowd participation would put the fourth grade Lady Wildcats in third place in the medium division.  The seventh and eighth graders would finish second and fourth, respectively.

Lanier Longhorns

The Lady Longhorns came to compete.  With a huge crowd of supporters behind them, Lanier placed in majority of the divisions.  First and second grade finished third in the small division, third grade finished third in the medium division, and fourth grade finished fourth in their division.

With an awesome performance full of energy and crowd participation, the fifth and sixth grade Longhorns would finish first in the medium division.  The seventh and eighth grade girls would keep the trophy collection going by placing second in the medium and large divisions, respectively.

Archer Tigers

The Archer Tigers also made a name for themselves at the 2013 Gwinnett Cheer Offs. The first graders started the competition off right with a third place finish in the medium group. The fourth graders finished second overall in the small division.  The sixth graders would take home the only first place trophy for Archer, with the seventh graders finishing second and the eighth graders finished third.


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