2014 Centennial Bowl Preview

The Centennial Bowl has become one of the football traditions in the southeast for youth football.  The Centennial Bowl is where a lot of teams go to see how their team measures up early in the season to see what adjustments need to be made to prepare themselves for the regular season.  This year is no different as the Centennial Bowl has over 80 teams this year and just like every year the competition on the field should be impressive.  Here are the Born To Compete predictions for each age group

6U Division

Atlanta Vikings

This coaching staff has the most experience at this age group and mix that in with the talent they have on their team they are at least a lock to make it to the championship.

Central Dekalb
They have talent at every position but the coaches are new to this age group so looking for them to win early shouldn’t be expected but with the talent they have and if the coaches can figure it out soon enough they could walk away with the championship.

7U Division

Atlanta Vikings
They are really just that good, a lot of it has to do with the returning B2C Player of the Year in the backfield.  The kid can flat out go.  As long as he is on the field they have a chance to run the table.

Welcome All Panthers
Last year they missed their chance to play the Vikings as they lost in the semifinals of the B2C State Championship to a very good Acworth team.  Now they finally get their chance at a game with the champs.  We will see if they are up for the challenge.  We do know one thing, if that big back gets going it could be a long day for any team that they play.

8U Division

Atlanta Vikings
This team went through a lot last year, including a coaching change that could have split the team up but Coach Hilton rallied his team and ended up winning the B2C State Championship over a Tucker team that was ranked #1 for most of the season.  With their new look on offense the coaches have consistently improved their team.

9U Division

Sandtown Vikings
They are not just good but for their age group they are great.  They are loaded at every position and now with the former B2C Offensive Player of the Year coming over from Tucker this team could possibly be setting up for a run that hasn’t been done since North Henry in 2008 and thats go undefeated all the way up until they finish their youth football career at 12U or 14U

North Henry Tigers
This team has some very good football minds and the Sandtown Vikings have one weak spot and that is the fact they can let a good safety disrupt their game plan and #21 from the North Henry Tigers is a baller.  He can play in coverage and he can also come down in the box and wreck havoc

10U Division

Central Dekalb Jaguars
They have fixed their problems that troubled them all last year as they just couldn’t get their offense going.  Last week in the B2C Autism Bowl they put up some points with a team that didn’t even have all of it’s players.  Look for them to try to put on a show this weekend as they know all eyes will be on them.  I hear Coach Allen from the Acworth Warriors bought sideline seats.

McDonough Cougars
Not sure what their plan is going in to either just rotate their players or to actually try and win the tournament.  Either one is fine because it’s preseason.  If they do come to win then look for the Cougars to unleash an offense that will be dynamic and put up points in bunches with their new key addition

11U Division

Central Dekalb Jaguars
This team has been together for a long time but over the years they still have trouble putting up points.  Look for last year B2C Award winner to let everyone know that he is there as he had a very good game this past summer in the Georgia vs Florida game.  This will be no different as he is starting to step into his own.

Hapeville Hornets
This is a scary team.  They have a good game plan and they have a player on the team that will be on the watch list for the B2C Player of the Year award.  Once this team starts clicking don’t be shocked to see them on the top of the polls by the end of the year.

12U Division

Before I start on this age group we all know there are two teams everyone wants to see so we will focus on those two for the sake of this article

Central Dekalb vs Atlanta Vikings
Central Dekalb is going to be good, they have been together for a very long time.  They have a defense that is a bend but don’t break type of defense.  They will have to win this game with their offense.  They have a Quarterback who we at Born To Compete consider one of the best in the country.  If CD wins they will win big because they put up 3 to 4 touchdowns.

For the Atlanta Vikings they have to turn this game into a dog fight.  The key to the game will be the former two time B2C Player of the Year AntMan.  The kid can play but most importantly he is a hug safety that can change the game and run from sideline to sideline.  Which will take away the wheel route from Central Dekalb and if Coach Tim goes to the shotgun with Antman at QB and let him operate out a Zone Read scheme, the young man could possibly steal the show.

14U Division

Maryland Seahawks
This team is very good, their defense can hit like a truck.  On offense they can run multiple looks, thats a testament to their coaching staff having their boys prepared.  They are coming down specifically for the Thoroughbreds.  When those two teams lock up look for it to be a physical battle on the field.

GA Thoroughbreds
Coach Gus has his boys ready to play every week.  Their offense is difficult to figure out because of the way their run their misdirection.  If they can continue to confuse defenses with their scheme they will be in the championship game.


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