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B2C All American Game – 9th Grade


Top Performers in B2C All American Game – 9th Grade

Deondre Jackson
In his limited touches he showed why he is one of the best freshman backs in the country.  Doesn’t have wasted steps, plants his foot in the ground and gets up field quickly.

Jalan McArthur
The wide bodied DL stayed in the backfield.  He had three sacks on the day.  Has a great initial burst off the line of scrimmage.

Antonio Ward
Played lights out, arguably had one of the best days on defense out of any of the games that were played.  Stayed in the backfield and was able to make plays downfield as well by chasing down the runner.

Ronald Clarke
Has all the ability to be special.  Watching him run routes is like watching someone put on a clinic.  One of the most polished WR’s in the country.  Had a great game with almost over 100 yards receiving and a TD.

Javon Baker
Javon is a playmaker.  Put the ball in the air anywhere near him and he is coming down with it.  Plays with a chip on his shoulder.  Someone you want to take with you into battle on the field.  Great player.

Damarjhe Lewis
Is an absolute animal.  Great football attitude, aggressive and a pure terror when he making contact with the ball carrier.

Jonathan Magee Jr
Has a nose for the ball at the LB position.  Gets the ball with bad intentions.  Will be a player to watch more as time goes on.  Look for him to have a big year next year at his high school.

Traeshon Holden
Had a great game and a great couple of days of practice.  A special player who can make plays on offense and defense.  At WR he is a big target that catches the ball very well with his hands.  ON defense he is a ballhawk at Safety.

Dante Marshall
Reminds us of Anthony Jennings from Marietta who went on to play football at LSU.  Has all of the ability to become “The Guy”.  Great arm, great decision maker and very productive runner when he tucks it.

Niko Vangarelli
Niko has developed into more than a good QB, he has developed into a leader.  One thing we notice about Niko is that other players like playing with him and that is a very good trait to have when you are QB.  Has a great understanding of how the game is supposed to be played at the QB position.

Mbiti Williams
He is legit!  Aggressive in the running game as he is a great tackler and terror in the passing game as he continues to gets his hands on balls that are in the air in the area.

Javier Morton
One of the best young safetys in the country.  Can play over top or come down in the box and make plays in the running game.  One of the better open field tacklers playing football.

Jeremiah Cook
Offensively he was one of the more productive players in the game for Team Nitro.  On special teams he had one that he almost was able to take it to the house.  At Rb he was productive running between the tackles.

Brayden Rouse
Had the best day for any offensive lineman, almost graded out perfectly for his work on the day.

Miles Friday
Played very solid on both sides of the ball.  On defense has a great nose for the ball, offensively he was able to be productive at RB getting outside.

Giovanni Morgan
An absolute dog!  He is one of those players that other football players want to play with.  Can multiple positions on defense because he is that good of a football player.

Tajiri Smith
Had a great game playing in space and also with making plays in the backfield

Jequarry Wiggles
A player that is going to be on a lot of people’s radar next year.  Big TE/DE that is productive on both sides of the ball.  Very athletic.

Anthony Harris (Team Storm)
Had a great game at DT as he was able to consistently make plays in the backfield.  In the running game he was a plug in the middle.

Jordan Rush
Big DL that is going to get better and better as time goes on.  Very athletic for a big his size.


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