6U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 11.6.2013

vikings6U Division
1. Atlanta Vikings – GA D1(48)
2. Acworth Warriors – NWGYFL (47)
3. Welcome All Panthers – MAYFL (22)
4. New Rock Redskins – GXYFL (3)
5. Alabama – HCYFL (1)
6. Central Dekalb Jaguars Black – YFA
7. Riverdale Blackhawks – CCFL
8. Raburn – NGYFA
9. Hiram Hornets – NWGYFL
10. Ben Hill Blue – MAYFL

Honorable Mention: GA Rattlers (GXYFL), Kennesaw Mustangs (NWGYFL), Dacula Falcons NN (GFL)

In the GFL the playoffs have been turned upside down as the #8 seed and the #15 seed are meeting up in the championship, goes to show you its not how you start but its how you finish. Acworth continues to play well but if they make it to the championship then they will have a Hiram team waiting on the that is eager to take Acworth birth to the B2C Championships. Welcome All can get the job done and so can New Rock but the most interesting team out there has to be the HCYFL Alabama just because of the way the coaches know how to coach that particular age group. Right now if the B2C Championship Series started tomorrow then Riverdale would be the odd team out. Look for them to be rooting for all the teams above them to take a loss in the playoffs. They might get their wish as all of the top teams will have a challenging championship game.





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