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7U Division Awards Announced – POY, DPY, OPY

Defensive Player of the Year

Anthony Spradling
Acworth Warriors

7U_defensive_player_of_the_year 2014









Anthony just like last year was dominant on defense.  From hash mark to hash mark Anthony could shut down a defense by himself.  You rarely would see him take false steps at linebacker.  He was always downhill and when he made contact you know he was just there.  If a offensive player broke a long one, you would usually see Anthony chasing and catching the ball carrier from the linebacker position that just shows you how much speed the kid has.  Congrats to Anthony  Spralding for being named the B2C 7U Division Defensive Player of the Year.


Offensive Player of the Year

Mansur McClain
Welcome All Panthers

7U offensive Player of the Year 2014









Mansur could actually be the best QB in the 8U Division if he played in that age group.  He was the go to player for the Panthers in big games.  In the B2C Championship Series he put on a show.  In the semifinals with Mansur team backed against his own goal line the coach had enough confidence to call a pass play in where Mansur connected with the receiver on a play that helped lead his team to the B2C Championship game.  Comes from a great bloodline that has proven success.  Congrats to Mansur McClain for being named the B2C 7U Division Offensive Player of the Year.


B2C Player of the Year

Cornelius Heard
Atlanta Vikings

7U_player_of_the_year 2014









There is no player in the 7U Division that means more to his team.  Cornelius has been outstanding for the last two years for the Atlanta Vikings.  Big games he is going to rise to the occasion, with big plays on offense and defense.  What makes him special is his consistency to dominate every single time he gets on the field.  Great speed, good vision and the special ability to use contact as a way to keep moving his legs and get more positive yards for his team which is something that no matter how good of a coach you are…you have to be born with it.  Special player.  Congrats to Cornelius Heard for winning  the B2C 7U Division Player of the Year Award.

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