7U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 9.5.2013

Minnesota_Vikings1. Atlanta Vikings – GA D1 (41)
2. Welcome All Panthers – SCFL (41)
3. Acworth Warriors – NWGYFL (29)
4. Tucker Lions – SCFL (9)
5. Lawrenceville Black Knights – GFL (1)
6. Decatur Army – GA D1
7. Douglasville Tiger Cubs – NWGYFL
8. Flowery Branch Thompson – NGYFA
9. Buford NE – GFL
10. Redan Raiders – YFA

Week 1 of the rankings are now out for 7U and it seems as the split that happened with Welcome All last year has produced the top two teams, now you know that means we can’t wait to see them play. Coach Prentiss against Coach Gejuan, Welcome All against Atlanta Vikings, sounds like that game should be onSeptember 22nd (just saying). Douglasville looks to return to form in where they suffered a loss at the hands of Acworth but hey if that is one of your only losses then its not a bad one. Flowery Branch has talent, just have to see what can happen to this team as the season goes on. Decatur Army has one of the best players in the state but they will be losing one of their coaches who very instrumental in their success. It will be interesting to see if the coaches can fill the hole left by Coach Toby.




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