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8 Things to look out for at the Autism Bowl

8 Things to look out for at the Autism Bowl

1.  Is North Henry 7U for real?

After winning the State Championship at 6U in dramatic fashion, can they show that the players, coaches and parents can develop as one of the better teams at 7U.

2. Who is the other team in 12U

This current group for the 12U Division has been dominated by the Atlanta Ducks since the 6U division.  North Henry made up some ground last year but once the Ducks added to key pieces at RB and the DL then the talent gap separated again.  Now the Jonesboro Falcons and Dekalb Yellow Jackets meet up Friday night.  Both teams should be ranked in the top 5 in the state and both teams feel that they will be competing for the Frank Ski Bowl.  Rumor has it that the Youth Bowl will possibly only taking 4 or 6 teams this year, going away from the 8 teams they have taken the past couple of years.

3.  How good is Welcome All 9U

Welcome All has won three straight B2C Championships.  Coach Shawn has won 4 in a row including the Frank Ski Youth Bowl when he had his team at 12U.  This year he might have his challengers in Welcome All and the Atlanta Bulldogs but the game everyone wants to see is the Decatur Army vs Welcome All.  This should be a good game this upcoming Sunday as Decatur Army is one of the few teams with talent upfront to matchup with the Panthers.

4.  Can Fairburn compete with the big time programs

Fairburn program made national news when the Berry Boys were playing for them but now both of those guys are in college and one of them is an All American.  The program is slowly coming back to being one of the best well ran programs in the south with how they are conducting their business and developing players.  Now its time to see if they can increase their competitiveness on the field.

5.  Union City

Union City has been around for a very long time and this is their first time in the showcase game for the Autism Bowl.  It will be interesting to see if they can be competitive against a Welcome All team that was #2 in the state last year.

6.  Hapeville 11U

This team has been together for a very long time and they have gotten better and better each year.  You could argue that last year they put on a heck of a coaching performance.  Now they are one of three teams to beat in the state with Welcome All and the Atlanta Bulldogs probably claiming the top two spots when the B2C Polls come out.  Now its on them to see if they can put on a show with the spotlight on them this weekend.

7.  Ben Hill 11U

Ben Hill and Rock Chapel met many times in the MAYFL Championship.  Now we will see what they can do as they have combined teams.  They will have the talent, we just have to see if the coaches can find the right buttons to push to get this talented team going.  Don’t be shocked if down the road they rise to top two in the rankings.

8.  Stockbridge

The Stockbridge program has been trying to grow for years and they have some good people trying to get it going.  They have taken care of all the administration, now its time to see if they can have success on the field.  In order to do that you must play some of the better programs out there and it looks like they are stepping up to the plate


Games start tonight at 6:45 PM at McCurry Park in Fayetteville GA

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