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8U Division Awards Announced – POY, OPY, DPY

Defensive Player of the Year

Justin Bonds
Welcome All Panthers

8U_defensive_player_of_the_year 2014









Led a defense that hardly gave up any points.  You could not ask a kid to play the linebacker position any better than he did.  Always a pure form tackler, getting low, make contact and drive through the ball carrier.  Against his rival College Park he was at his best with 26 tackles a game and 3 tackles for loss in both games.  Congrats to Justin Bond for being named the B2C 8U Division Defensive Player of the Year

Co-Offensive Player of the Year

Randy Smith
Kennesaw Mustangs

8U_offensive_player_of_the_year 2014 randy









Makes you say wow when you watch him.  He did everything and more that his coach asked from him and his coach knows exactly how to use him.  In the running game he is dangerous as he is a decisive runner, makes his cut and gets up field.  At receiver he is just as dangerous as he has sure hands and can go get it.  Has a mean streak and a swagger on the field that is unmatched.  Reminds me of a young Jamyest Williams of Archer that is now one of the top players in the country as a Sophomore.  Congrats to Randy Smith for being named the B2C 8U Division Co-Offensive Player of the Year

Hilton Alexander Jr
Atlanta Vikings

8U_offensive_player_of_the_year 2014









He is the coach son and sometimes that can be a good or a bad just depending on the coach but in this situation it is a good as a lot is asked out of Hilton and he is able to execute efficiently every time.  Could go on and on about what he does and how well he does it but the best thing to say about him is he is smart, versatile and he is always making positive plays for his team and that is makings of a very good player as time goes on.  Congrats to Hilton Alexander for being named the B2C 8U Division Co-Offensive Player of the Year


B2C Player of the Year

Malcolm McCain
Tucker Lions










How about this to start the season.  The legendary coach that they had retires and one of the best players on his team and in the country gets hurt and is out for most of the season.  What did Malcolm do?  He put the team on his back and led them to the B2C Championship Game in a rematch against the Atlanta Vikings in a game that they lost in overtime last year.  Instead this time the Tucker was able to take home the championship to the Lions Den.  Malcolm  was a anchor on a defense that was hardly ever scored on.  On offense he was a highlight waiting to happen.  Congrats to Malcolm McCain for being named the B2C 8U Division Player of the Year

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