8U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 9.5.2013

sandtownvikings1. Sandtown Vikings – SCFL (121)
2. Jonesboro Gators – CCFL
3. Acworth Warriors – NWGYFL
4. Tucker Lions – SCFL
5. Atlanta Vikings – GA D1
6. Locust Grove Falcons – SCFL
7. Dacula Falcons – GFL
8. North Henry Tigers – SCFL
9. South Columbus Raiders – CYF
10. Rock Chapel Black – MAYFL

Sandtown looks to be dominant, Acworth starts the season in good fashion, Tucker Lions will keep there momentum going. Now that leaves North Henry and Locust Grove, not sure who is going to get the nod on this one but it will be a good game. At number ten spot MAYFL makes their way into the rankings as Rock Chapel Black has a great 1st week showing.





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