9U Georgia Youth Football Rankings 8.28.2013

913580175809U Division
1. Acworth Warriors – NWGYFL (117)
2. Tucker Lions – SCFL
3. Central Dekalb Jaguars Thornton – SCFL
4. Atlanta Vikings – GA D1
5. Hiram Hornets – NWGYFL
6. Forsyth Paladins – GA D1
7. Gresham Park Rattlers – GXYFL
8. Union City Eagles – YFA
9. Parkview Panther AS – GFL (3)
10. Ringold Tigers – NGYFL (1)

Acworth belongs at the top right now and there is no one close as Tucker and Central Dekalb shall be at each other in the SCFL. Everyone knows that the Vikings will be good as they just have a knack for coaching that age group. Parkview has a chance to surprise a lot of teams this year if they can hold on to the GFL this year.


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