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BORN TO COMPETE ™, your number one source for youth sports is a media website for youth sports that offers coaches, family members, and young athletes from ages 6-14 an outlet to celebrate and support their athletic endeavors. We serve as a great platform for children to showcase their athletic abilities in whatever sport they wish to participate in and for family and friends to share in the experience regardless of location. BORN TO COMPETE ™, also known as “B2C” was founded in 2008 with the goal of enhancing youth sports through an unbiased media outlet.

B2C’s media coverage spans several states including Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, California, Alabama, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, and Tennessee. Our staff has supported prestigious sporting events such as the 2011 Football Hall of Fame with Deion Sanders and his youth football team, The TRUTH, the Future Stars Game sponsored by the IMG Academy, the Cam Newton Foundation 7 on 7 Tournament, Football University National Championship, Eastbay All-American Game, IMG Academy 7 on 7 Championships, Georgia State Kids Wrestling Championships, and the Frank Ski Kids Foundation Youth Bowl.

As a social business, we are committed to empowering youth athletes by instilling a solid sense of self-worth and achievement. We manage this objective by offering a series of awards available to the youth based on merit and athletic and scholar achievements, such as the Player of the Year Awards (by sport) and the Youth Spotlight. By involving parents, communities, coaches, and all supporters, we are ensuring that every child has enough hands to lift them up. Everyone plays an integral role in ensuring that the children succeed and B2C would like to do their part. Our belief is that through the acknowledgement and celebration of children’s triumphs, we can offer the future a group of well-rounded, goal oriented young individuals.

Every athlete is a legend at BORN TO COMPETE ™ and we want to offer every opportunity to capture and memorialize it for friends, families, and young athletes.

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