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B2C All American Game – 6th Grade

Top Performances in the B2C All American Game – 6th Grade

Willie McKinney
Arguably the best RB in his grade.  Can run hard between the tackles and has the speed to take it the distance.  On defense he kept his nose around the ball.  Was the Offensive MVP

Justice Haynes
He is just that good, a fantastic RB who made great plays all day long.  Was named Offensive MVP on the day as he had a great day on the ground.  Defensively he was very productive as he found his way on many tackles.

Reginald Johnson Jr
Has developed into a special player.  On offense he has all the ability to be great signal caller.  Has a big time arm and is athletic enough to make plays with his feet.  On defense he is special, he had two interception and due to understanding routes he jumped plenty of passes that made the opposing QB hold the ball in which the play ended up being a negative play.  Could have easily been named the Overall MVP if not for Harlem Diamond performance.  The future is bright for him.

Daiquan White
Has developed into a player you want on your team.  Offensively he caught the ball well and was able to make some positive yards after the catch.  When he didn’t have the ball he was a great blocker.  On defense he was able to be very productive.

Tymere Burton
On defense he stayed around the ball.  Was able to make play after play.  Whether it was a big hit or just a solid open field tackle.  Offensively he played great at TE.  Had a great game.

Jayven Hall
Everyone wanted to know who this kid was after the game as he was a big time player on both sides of the ball.  Will be one of the top players to watch as time goes on.

Jermey Hecklinski
Is the real deal, suffered a head injury during the game but while he was out there he showed that he is one of the best QB’s in the country as he delivered multiple accurate passes and had great command of the offense.

Charles Cook
He is absolutely huge!!  The size is great but the fact that you see the big guy with a motor is even better.  Never saw him take any plays off and kept getting after the ball.  If he continues to grows he will be one of the best players in the country

Harlem Diamond 
Harlem put on a show.  Size made people over look him but he had some stand out runs on offense and on defense he had some big breakups to help his team win the game.  Very deserving of the Overall MVP Award

Gannon Weathersby 
Has to be one of the most underrated football players in the country.  Everytime he is on the field he is considered one of the top 3 players out there.  This game was no different.  Named Defensive MVP for Team Nitro

Zay Wilson
Big, athletic kid who played very well on both sides of the ball.  Will develop into one of the top players in the state once he hits high school.

Micheal New
Big body, knows how to use hands.  Offensively and defensively on the line he had a very good game

Terrance Love
Often gets over looked because people know just how good of a player he is.  Had some good runs on the day, also passed the ball well.  Was very efficient.

Fenix McKinney
Played great on both sides of the ball.  Had one of the better games for Offensive lineman during the entire day no matter the grade.

Kristopher Benifield 
Very large kid!!!  Good motor and great football attitude.  Was able to make blocks on the second level which was great for a kid his size.  Played a very solid game.


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