B2C All American Game: 7th Grade

Top Performances in the B2C All American Game – 7th Grade

Latrell Bullard
Very productive player blocking.  Has a high motor on defense.  Uses his hands very well.  Sure tackler when he gets to the ball.  Has a great FOOTBALL attitude.

Hunter Rocker
Long player, very similar to his BT teammate Jack Nickel.  Did great on the offense and defensive line.  Has a the potential to be an impact player on Friday night when his time comes.

Terry Gibson
He is an animal!!!  He runs angry and he takes care of the ball.  The ball is high and tight whenever he has it.  You can tell he has been coached up.  Makes good decisions and doesn’t waste time in the backfield.  On defense his mean streak shows as when he gets to the ball he comes with violence.  If he grows accordingly he will be one of the best in the country when signing day comes.

Andre Stewart
Started at Safety and WR.  At safety he is long and can cover a lot of space.  He is a hash to has player with the ability to be a sideline to sideline Safety as he gets older.  Love him at WR, has speed and size.  What I like about him most is that he is a willing blocker.  If you look at most of the big runs in the game you see him blocking downfield.

James Amos
He is special on the defensive line.  He gave the opposing player problems all game long.  He is violent with his hands and has a great motor.

Jack Nickel
Might be the best player in his grade in the country.  At TE he can be a big contributor in the passing game.  Is a relentless blocker, he had the most pancakes in the game.  On defense he is a nightmare, a complete nightmare.  Might not be a better DE in the country.

Sutton Smith
Fast, athletic, quick, he is the weapon.  The modern day RB can do it all and thats exactly what he is.  Never has to come off the field as he can line up in the slot on third and long.  Every time he touches the ball you think he is going to break it.

Cameron Cainion
He is good and I mean really good.  At corner he is a lockdown defender, at WR he can make plays for you.

George Clark
Had a flawless game at Fullback, didn’t miss any assignments and kept the initial threat off the RB.  Was one of the main reason that Sutton and Antonio Martin had a big day.

Antonio Martin
You can literally start your team with this kid.  At RB he is a big, fast, powerful back but not too big that you think he is done growning.  he will get BIG!  On defense he is a sideline to sideline LB.  Most impressive thing about him is that he can tackle in space very well.  Knows how to engage blocker, shed and make the play.  Very impressive player.

Duval Hill
Long athletic defensive player that ended the game with 3 sacks and a whole bunch of plays within the line of scrimmage.  Great attitude!  Will be a player to watch for years to come.

Lawrence Jordan
Physical and fast.  Uses his stiff arm as his main weapon because his jab is so strong.  A lot faster in person, once he gets a chance he is going to pop a long one for a TD.

Christian Culbreth
Might have had the best game for the lineman outside of any freshman.  Was able to be a devastating blocker at the line of scrimmage and at the second level.  On defense he made the most of his snaps as he stayed in the backfield.

Chad Masco
Arguably the #1 prospect in his class.  Played great at QB, ran we he need to run and made the proper passes.  On defense he played very well as he stayed in the backfield.

Devin Ferrell
You can make an argument for him as being the #2 rated QB in the southeast.  He has been good for years and now with the spotlight on him he showed why as he ran for multiple first downs and threw for a TD. Played a newer flawless game.

Travis Booker Jr
Played very well at DB, has great feet and understand the game very well.  Offensively he was able to get his hands on the ball and make the best of his opportunities


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