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B2C Player Of The Year – Girls Basketball

Janya Love-Hill did more than play at a high level, Janya dominated Muscogee County, which is known to have great girls basketball in the middle school division.  Her game was so versatile that she could literally do anything on the court.  One game you could see her lead the team in assist, then the next you could see her lead the team in scoring.  She could even lead the team defensively.  Whatever her team needed she was able to do to help Fort Middle School win the county championship and also end the season with a #4 ranking in the state.

Below is the Coach Ward of Fort Middle describing Janya Love-Hill 

Coaching Janya-Love Hill has been extremely special to me since she first stepped foot in my gym at Fort Middle School three years ago. A player that has so much humility and a kid-like spirit is a coaches dream. To have someone who’s coachable and wants to become a better player makes a coaches job easier. What makes her special is her silent ability to command control and take over a basketball game. It’s effortless. She loves this game and the more I challenge her to become great, she welcomes the challenge with grace and determination. She’s a very emotional player that doesn’t like to miss open shots or layups. I love her for that! She wants to have a perfect game and sometimes I have to tell her that it’s okay, you’re not going to sink every jump shot so just continue to play your game and be the best point guard in the city like you’ve been all year long. She’s more confident than she’s ever been. She’s my “silent assassin”. Even though tears may bawl up in her eyes because of her competitiveness to win so greatly, or me getting on to her because I know her about something on the court; it only exemplifies that she has been taught not to give up and she’s going to play so hard for me until that buzzard sounds. Special is an understatement. I’ve never had a point guard that has embraced the term “point guard” in my four years of coaching. She’s special to me because she plays her role wonderfully and gives more than what’s asked of her. She’s special to me because she’s only a kid with a dream who doesn’t hide her emotions. She’s my point guard. She’s special to me because she knows that her coach wants the best for her and she knows that her coach loves her dearly. She’s special to me because she borrows my basketball moves that I’ve shown her and she uses them to perfection. She’s special to me because she listens to me on life coaching as well as being a mentor/coach. Most importantly, she’s special to me because she led me to my first middle school championship with an undefeated season of 16-0. There’s no way I could have done it without her. Janya love hill will always be my point guard and I’ll never forget what she’s done for my basketball program at Fort Middle school and it’ll go down in history. That’s why she’s special to me.

~ Coach Ward

Congrats to Janya Love-Hill for being names the B2C Girls Middle School Basketball Player of the Year

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