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B2C Power Rankings 10.27.16





B2C Power Rankings 10.27.16


Grayson Rams 
8th Grade

They have been playing at unreal level.  With their most recent huge win over Mill Creek it is easy to see why they are number one.  Justin Johnson is an 8th grade offer kid, standing at 6ft, 225 pounds he is a problem coming down hill.  Not only is he a good football player but he is also considered one of the top basketball players in the country.  Jamal Haynes is a walking and talking highlight reel.  Then Jackson Turner is a beast at MLB.  They get a chance to possibly play North Gwinnett in the semifinals of the GFL Playoffs.  Should be a fun game to watch.


Central Deklab Jaguars 
YFA Select

They probably have the best defense in the state.  They fly to the ball like a pack of wild dogs and they are great tacklers.  Offensively the lean on their QB and those two monsters out wide.  Their RB is very productive as he is a one cut back that gets up field.


KIPP Vision
8th Grade

The best offense in the state hands down.  Turman Award Candidate Carlos Del Rio is putting up video game numbers as his team is averaging almost 40 points a game which is almost unheard of at the middle school level.  Rumor mill has it that they might have a chance to go head to head with the winner of the GFL.  Not sure how much truth is to that but it would be fun to see.


Atlanta Ducks 
10U Division

The wins they had over Welcome All and Tucker were classics.  In a very competitive 10U division they are a team to watch.  Offensively they have balance which makes them special.  Now that they are using their big backs and that huge offensive line properly they are going to be hard to beat.


Central Dekalb Jaguars 
14U Divison 

If you haven’t seen them play then you are missing arguably one of the best players in the country.  Kamar Wilcoxson is must see TV, he can do every and anything you need him to do on the football field.  Their win over the GA Thoroughbreds solidified what most people are thinking.  This might be the first time in the B2C Era that the Jump Out Boys have a chance to win it all.


Atlanta Ducks 
11U Division 

This is one of the most talented team in the country for their age group.  They score 14 points by just showing up…they are that talented of a group of players.  They have arguably the best players or at least one of the best players at every position.  With the addition of Lawrence Jordan this team has become special because if all else fails just turnaround and hand off the ball.  Still though the key to this team begins and ends with their hogs upfront and the leadership of Terrance Love.


McEachern Indians
7th Grade

They have the complete package on offense to go along with some great play calling.  Sutton is up for player of the year as he has had a great season.  Their defensive line is still the most dominant in the GMSAA.  They have a chance to win back to back GMSAA Championships, if they do that then next year they have a chance to challenge the group led by Bailey Hockman (QB- FSU Commit) as the best McEachern team in the B2C Era.


Atlanta Ducks 
8U Division 

Another very talented group.  They made the adjustment this year with the pickup of two very key OL/DL.  Their impact on the team has been huge.  At one time you could just run the ball downhill on the ducks attacking the 5/6 holes.  Now due to the fact those players change the line of scrimmage very play, which allows their speed guys on defense a chance to read and get to the ball…that makes it very hard on a offense.


Welcome All Panthers
9U Division

One of the best coaching staffs in the state.  We said at the beginning of the year that if you gave this staff time then they would be able to bounce back from losing last years B2C Player of the Year.  Thats exactly what they did as they were able to beat their rival and finish up the regular season undefeated.  Now its just a matter of time before the start distance themselves from the group.  Next year if they pick up some more size they are going to be very hard to beat.


Atlanta Vikings
12U Division

This is one of the best #2 ranked teams in the country in the division.  This might be one of Coach Tim best teams ever.  They are that good.  They are brutally physical and smart.  We always say that Coach Tim teams get better as the season goes on.  Just imagine how much better they will be when the Frank Ski Youth Bowl comes around.  It’s actually scary to think about.  Don’t be shocked if they end up as the #1 team in these Power Polls after the dust has cleared.


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