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B2C Prime 100 – Class 2019 (National)

The B2C Prime 100 rankings for the 2019 class is loaded with talent. Florida, Georgia, California and Texas are well represented as football has become almost a religion in those states. At #1, is the quarterback out of California – JT Daniels. He has everything you want at the QB position. He has a strong arm to make every throw you need him to make. He is very accurate and most importantly he is a winner. With his tireless work ethic, his skills should translate well into being a very productive QB on Friday nights. At # 2, is Nolan Smith from Georgia. Anybody who has had a chance to see this guy play walks away from the game blown away. He is literally playing on a different level than anyone in his class. He is a technician and plays with a mean attitude that is only trumped by his passion to play the game. There are some very good players on the B2C Prime 100 list. Let’s check the rest out.

Click on the link below to JT Daniels Hudl highlights


Sam Johnson III_1433975996144_19603966_ver1.0_640_480

Sam Johnson III (Michigan)

We’ve already talked about JT Daniels and he is the real deal. Now let’s talk about the Michigan QB, Sam Johnson, who has jumped on the radar and on this list. Johnson has height and can get it done from the pocket. He is also a very serviceable runner and has a very high football IQ that enables him to make the proper throw and limit his interceptions. He can play on day 1 in high school because of his decision-making and accuracy. Terrance Gipson is plain out fun to watch. No other Quarterback is as athletic as him; he can literally take a play doomed from the start and turn it into a sports show highlight.

Sam Johnson highlights

Running Backs


Joseph Carter (Teaxs)



This is a good class for the RB’s, both of the top two backs reside in Florida with James Cook and Nayquan Wright. James Cook is a special player. He is very talented and can be used all over the field. Nayquan Wright is more of a pure runner, very explosive and physical at the point of contact. Joseph Carter out of Texas is another very nice sized back at 6″1, 183lbs that runs angry and can get the yards.



#33 ranked Paris Brown out of McEachern GA




Wide Receivers and Tight Ends


Cameron Coleman (Missouri)


Blake Hinson out of Florida is something to see. Standing at 6’5, his amazing leaping ability in addition to the height makes him a nightmare to cover. If he continues to grow he will obviously have to come down and put his hand in the dirt at Tight End but as of right now he is the #1 rated WR in the country. Cameron Coleman from Missouri can fly, he might also be the best route runner in his group which always translates well when the Friday night lights come on.





#8 ranked Blake Hinson Highlights




Offensive Line

beau taylor-251

Beau Taylor (Nevada)



Going into high school besides Quarterback this is the most difficult position to evaluate because so many linemen don’t really blossom until they reach high school. Not to taking anything away from the players we have listed, this list could literally change drastically at this position in a year due to how the bigs grow. Beau Taylor is good but he has competition for the #1 spot with Antoine Whitner from Virginia and the Georgia boys – Harry Miller and Keiondre Jones.  All can be considered as the #1 lineman out there with great feet and hands. Out of the top lineman, Keiondre has a lot of upside with an Alabama offer in the 6”3, 264lb OLineman’s hands. Whitner has also picked up an offer from Virginia.

#9 ranked Beau Taylor Highlights 


Defensive Line

joseph honesucker

Joseph Honeysucker (Tennessee)

This has become the new position of the super athlete. The reality is that these guys could play tight end and some them could even line up at WR depending on how they grow. Nolan Smith from Georgia was already talked about in the Opening for his ability to change the game from the line of scrimmage. Joseph Honeysuckle from Tennessee is right behind him with his big, long athletic frame, he uses his hands well and fires off the ball even better. Shawn’Kel Knight-Goff is one of those super athletes we talked about earlier that could end up playing whatever he wants to play. Right now he has had the most success by putting his hand in the dirt. He is a very good athlete that is powerful enough to put together multiple moves to get in the backfield and make it a long day for the offense. Kobe Alexander out of South Carolina is load to deal with in at the DT position.  Right now the #1 Defensive lineman in the country is a monster against the run and can also pressure the Quarterback in the passing game.  Best skill set from a DT besides Tru Thompson out of Georgia who was recently offered by Florida State.




anthony solomon

Anthony Solomon (Florida)

This has to be one of the most recruited group of linebackers coming into high school in the history of football. Between Anthony Solomon from Florida and Owen Pappoe from Georgia, they have over 20 offers combined…WOW! Anthony Solomon is cerebral. He is always lined up properly with a football IQ that is through the roof. Soloman is a great open field tackler. Owen Pappoe is a genetic freak. At 6’1, 195lbs and running a 4.6, he can get anywhere on the field. If he continues to grow, he might end up being the best in this class. If not then he will probably change position and still be a very productive player. Charles Moore is big and can move his 6”4, 232lbs body.  Moore can play in the middle or if needed, he can put his hand in the dirt, pin his ears back and get up field.


Defensive Back


Jalen Alexander (Georgia)

Jalen Alexander is the real deal. The long, physical defense back can play in any scheme, doesn’t matter if it is man or zone. He is also one of the best tacklers in his class at any position. Once he gets to the ball, he is coming with bad intentions. The Floridian, Jahlon Wilson, has great man-to-man cover skills. While, he is not the tallest corner, his leaping ability always keeps him in good position against the jump ball. In underneath routes he is lights out because of his quickness and anticipation.
Wallace Milton is a monster at Safety who will lay you out.  Not only is he a big time hitter, he can also locate the ball very well in the passing game. The very long and very fast Milton can go from sideline to sideline in a blink of an eye.



horrace mccoy

Horace McCoy (California)

There are three stand outs that made the list – Horace McCoy out of California, KJ Wallace from Georgia and Kenny McIntosh from Florida. Horace McCoy has been used all over the field. The long athletic player can be productive from multiple positions. A tall player at 6’1, McCoy possesses the quick feet of an athlete that is 5’10. His feet are so good that if he worked at corner full time he could become arguably the best in the country. KJ Wallace is very polished at the WR position, but can play defense in the secondary as well. Kenny McIntosh is a load with his big body and great feet. He can play RB and LB very well, has a very high football IQ, and a genuine passion for the game. Dominick Blaylock out of Georgia is the most well known in this group with offers from Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina.

#49 ranked Horace McCoy Highlights



Rank First Name Last Name Position State
1 J.T. Daniels QB California
2 Nolan Smith DL Georgia
3 James Cook RB Florida
4 Nayquan Wright RB Florida
5 Sam Johnson QB Michigan
6 Joseph Honeysucker DE Tennessee
7 Kobe Alexander DT South Carolina
8 Blake Hinson WR Florida
9 Beau Taylor OL Nevada
10 Jalen Alexander DB Georgia
11 Shawn’Kel Kight-Goff DL Kentucky
12 Anthony Solomon LB Florida
13 Charles Moore LB Mississippi
14 Antoine Whitner OL Virginia
15 Owen Pappoe OLB Georgia
16 William Putnam OT Illinios
17 Jahlon Wilson DB Florida
18 Grant Tisdale QB Texas
19 Josh McKenzie RB New Jersey
20 Cameron Coleman WR Missouri
21 Kenny McIntosh ATH Florida
22 Jayden Jernigan DE Texas
23 KJ Wallace ATH Georgia
24 Horrace McCoy ATH California
25 Omar Speights OLB Pennsylvania
26 Chris Hinton TE Georgia
27 Terrance Gipson QB Texas
28 James Fullbright RB Texas
29 Harry Miller OT Georgia
30 Wallace Milton S Alabama
31 Tyler March WR Florida
32 Raymond Collins DL Florida
33 Paris Brown RB Georgia
34 Laderrick Despenza DL Alabama
35 Dante Lucas OL Mississippi
36 Logan Hagan OL Kentucky
37 Keiondre Jones OT Georgia
38 Joseph Carter RB Texas
39 Nicholas Rowan OT Mississippi
40 Hank Bachmeier QB California
41 Dwan Mathis QB Michigan
42 Cameron Cloud RB North Carolina
43 Jay Lagroon WR South Carolina
44 Jadon Haselwood WR Georgia
45 Robert Cshuta LB North Carolina
46 Geral Irons DL Texas
47 Daniel Richardson QB Florida
48 Xavier Goldsmith DB Michigan
49 Kerrick Teamer WR Florida
50 Malik Prioleau DB Florida
51 Ta’Quan Roberson QB New Jersey
52 Grant Gunnell QB Texas
53 Dominck Blaylock ATH Georgia
54 Donald Clay DB Lousina
55 Jaylen McCullough DB Georgia
56 Luke Whitty OL Maryland
57 Tayvlon Land DB Virginia
58 Alex Meredith QB South Carolina
59 RJ Oben DE New Jersey
60 Raynoch Thompson DB Kentucky
61 Desmond Walker OL Michigan
62 Jade Burge ATH Alabama
63 Peter Hayes-Patrick RB Florida
64 Aaron Stone S Ohio
65 Quinton Gregory WR Virginia
66 Tru Thompson DT Georgia
67 Robert Harbor DL Texas
68 Tavario Standerfield DB Mississippi
69 Josh Pugh ATH Maryland
70 Kenyon Hudson LB California
71 Isiah Gibson DT Ohio
72 Cole Labossiere OL Virginia
73 Demarco Hellams WR Maryland
74 Shilo Sanders QB Texas
75 Zac Smith DL Florida
76 Evan Durbin OT Colorado
77 Omari Garry ATH California
78 Max Williams ATH California
79 Tausili Flatoa DE Hawaii
80 Antonio Alfano DE New Jersey
81 Noah Cain RB Texas
82 Cesare Mellusi RB Florida
83 Sam Howell QB North Carolina
84 Lexington Joseph DB Florida
85 Vic Vega LB Florida
86 Chris Steele CB California
87 EJ Ndoma-Ogar OL Texas
88 Austin Rodriguez OL Texas
89 Chris Tyree RB Virginia
90 Xavier Nurse WR New York
91 Jaleel McRae LB Florida
92 Zachary Natt DE Texas
93 Travon Walker LB Georgia
94 Clay Webb OL Alabama
95 Isaiah Foskey ATH California
96 Kevon Glenn LB Georgia
97 Derrick Trotter ATH Kentucky
98 Darren Davis RB Florida
99 Malik Washington DB Georgia
100 Joey Scarabino LB New Jersey





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