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B2C Prime 21 Middle School Rankings 9.29.16





B2C Prime 21 Middle School Rankings 9.29.16

1.   Mill Creek

2.   Grayson

3.   KIPP Vision

4.   Hillgrove

5.   Tucker

6.   Kell

7.   Stephenson

8.   Gray Station

9.   Eddie White

10. Wesleyan

11. Rehoboth

12. Bunche

13. Evans

14. Woodward Academy

15. North Gwinnett

16. North Paulding

17. East Paulding

18. Cartersville

19. Parkview

20. Dutchtown

21. Vickery Creek

HM: Carver Rd, Lakeside Lions, Morrow, Bainbridge, Midland, KIPP Metro, MacIntyre Park, Cedar Grove, Upson Lee

There is a new #1 and it’s Mill Creek!!  Over the past couple of weeks they have had two denominating wins over two top 10 teams.  Jut like in the high school division Mill Creek is slowly earning everyones respect on the field one game at a time.  Grayson slips to #2 but it’s no fault of their own as they have been playing lights out and beating everyone on their schedule.  KIPP Vision is the dark hoarse as they have abs outside chance to be number 1.  They are literally putting up video game numbers every week and their QB has to be in the conversation for the Turman Award and also the QB of the Year Award.  In middle GA you have a coulple of good teams that can start to make a push as Rehoboth, Upson Lee, Gray Station and Carver Rd all get ready to make a run for their league championship.


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