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B2C Prime 21 Rankings: 8th Grade (GA) 10.13.16





B2C Prime 21 Rankings: 8th Grade (GA) 10.13.16

1.   Mill Creek

2.   Grayson

3.   KIPP Vision

4.   Hillgrove

5.   Tucker

6.   Kell

7.   Stephenson

8.   Gray Station

9.   Eddie White

10. Wesleyan

11. Rehoboth

12. Bunche

13. Evans

14. North Gwinnett

15. North Paulding

16. East Paulding

17. Cartersville

18. Parkview

19. Dutchtown

20. Vickery Creek

21. Marist

HM: Bennett Mills Carver Rd, McEachern, Lakeside Lions, Rex, Bainbridge, Midland, MacIntyre Park, Cedar Grove, Upson Lee, Crawford Long, Morrow


#1 Mill Creek vs #2 Grayson

#7 Stephenson vs Miller Grove

#10 Wesleyan vs #21 Marist

#16 North Paulding vs McEachern

Cedar Grove vs Chapel Hill

Time for the big matchup!!!  #1 Mill Creek vs #2 Grayson, both teams are well catch and execute efficiently.    Grayson has the Turman Award nominee with Justin Johnson, the big back is a monster.  The scary part about him is he gets stronger as the game goes along.  They will go to him early and often.  Mill Creek has a very simple approach, they are going to run the ball and play defense.  They will try to get big plays out of the passing game when its available.  Due to both styles of play this game will come down to who wins in the trenches.  If Mill Creek dominates on the defensive line and stops the big back from getting started they have a chance to win.  If Grayson offensive line can at least get a stale mate at the line of scrimmage then Johnson is going to have a big numbers day.  KIPP Vision has probably the leader right now for the Turman Award as Carlos Del Rio has put on a show at the QB position.  No many QB’s in the Southeast are asked to do more for his team on offense.


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1David JacobsLinebacker/Edge, Outside linebacker
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8Justin WeeksOffensive Lineman
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