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B2C Prime 100 – Player Rankings – Class of 2019 (Georgia)

The summer has given a number of players the opportunity to step their game up and evidence of their hard work is represented in the rankings as there is a new #1 player in the state of Georgia.  Nolan Smith has proven over and over again that he has no equal. Nolan is one of the few players that can be placed on a team and instantly have an impact no matter the scheme.  Defensive lineman have been a popular trend in the Peach State which was all started with Robert Nkemdiche at Grayson, then Lorenzo Carter at Norcross and Justin Mascoll at South Gwinnett.  Nolan Smith hops right in line as a very similar prospect to the latter two with his ability to change the game from the DE position.  Let’s take a look at the rest of the B2C Prime 100 list to see how it shapes out.





ross malmgren

Ross Malmgren

Ross Malmgrem continues to be the #1 QB in this class out of GA.  He is a smart, accurate QB, who is getting bigger and stronger which was always the knock on him.  Now he is 6ft and entering high school with a knowledge of his offense like the back of his hand.  When he gets his chance to play he will lead his team to at least a semifinal run in the state playoffs and will likely put up monster numbers.

There may be those that are surprised at the next pick but it is Jordan Yates out of Milton.  No one fits their offense better than him.  Jordan is a solid passer but more of a playmaker and in Milton’s offense, they will let him showcase his athletic ability.  A relentlessly hard worker, Jordan will be physically prepared to step in and become a walking weekly highlight reel every time he graces the field.  Jordan is a winner, if he wins a state championship at Milton it would probably be one of the biggest surprises in GHSA history but we won’t be shocked at all.

Zach Calzada has to be one of the most overlooked players in the country.  Not a tall kid, standing at 5ft 9in but he comes from a family that has nothing but 6 footers in them so the height will eventually come.  As of right now he is the best pure passer in his class coming out of Georgia.  He is going to high school with a very talented group that includes Steele Chambers at RB and JD Bertrand at TE.  So he will have talent around him to get the job done.  When Calazada grows he will challenge Malmgrem as the top QB in the class.

Jordan Yates Highlights


Wide Receiver

Nicolas Manson

Nicolas Manson




The wide receiver position has a very talented group!  Jaden Haselwood is a beast.  He has the total package – size, speed, leaping ability, hands and quickness.  Standing at 6ft 1in and weighing in at 179lbs, he is a terror out wide.  Nicolas Manson, an athletic freak, is right behind him.  The speed burner is scary because of his very raw  potential.  Speaking of speed, Dominic Blaylock is flat out special.  Walton will find a way to get him the ball and when he finally gets his opportunity he is going to set Georgia on fire.  The combination of one year in high school and a good position coach along with the fact that he is a top 10 WR in the country means we are in for a very exciting season from him.  There is a rising player, Nance Hill, who is very good at high pointing the ball and competing with the best of them.  Brannon Spector who picked up an offer from Mercer is similar to Javanni Cunningham and Gabe Reeves – smaller receivers that create space due to their quickness.


Running Back

paris brown headshot

Paris Brown





Paris Brown is at the top of the list.  He is almost in a perfect situation.  The speedy back who is excellent at catching out of the backfield is going to fit right in with McEachern high octane offense.  Add to the fact that he has a four star lined up at QB and WR will only add to his success.  Last year B2C Ladainian Tomlinson RB of the Year award winner Jeremy Smith from Savannah is a terror with the ball in his hands.  At 5″11, 178 he has the frame to add weight as he will more than likely keep his speed because he is a big time track guy.  Steele Chambers from Blessed Trinity continues to get bigger and bigger.  Now he is 6ft, 190lb.  The big back is explosive and possess a mean stiff arm.  Runs very well behind his pads and is physical at the point of attack.  Most impressed by his feet as they help him get in and out of the hole very quickly.


Offensive Line

harry miller

Harry Miller




Harry Miller is good and this offseason has done wonders for him.  The fact that he is will be attending Buford says a lot.  The recruiters might as well offer him right now.  Once Buford is done with him, he will be one of the top tackles in the country.  Keiondre Jones is right there with his unreal size.  He has a Sunday body already.  Alabama saw this and has already sent an offer his way and you know if Nick Saban sees something, then who are we to argue that.  Wanya Morris is one that sticks out, he is a very good player with all the physical tools. Don’t be surprised if he ends up an All American one day if he puts the work in.  Quentin Skinner is headed to Buford as well and as a center, he has no equal in Georgia or the Southeast.  As last year’s B2C Offensive Lineman of the Year, Skinner will anchor that line to another state championship when his time comes.


Tight Ends

JD Bertrand

JD Bertrand









There are two really good Tight Ends in this class and both can do it all.  JD Bertrand is consistent.  You can put him on the line to block for you, he runs good routes and catches the ball every time it touches his hands.  Ryland Goede has prototype size.  Already at 6ft 5in, he has the tools to be a productive player at that position.




Defensive Line

Nolan Smith

Nolan Smith






We have already talked about Nolan Smith and he has justifiably earned the #1 spot.  Derrick McLendon is a very similar player and a super athlete at the DE position.  Tru Thompson was a little league legend for the North Henry Tigers and now Flordia State has seen the same thing in the Griffin resident as they offered him on the spot.  Already bench pressing 300lbs, the big kid can move.  With a dedication to his craft Thomspon can project to be a Warren Sap clone…and yes he is that good.



owen pappoe

Owen Pappoe




Trevon Walker is a tackling machine.  Kevon Glen will have the sideline walking you through concussion protocol as he will literally knock you out of the game.  Those two in the middle are scary.    Outside Owen Pappoe is a genetic freak of nature.  For Georgia fans he will remind you of Boss Bailey with his tremendous athletic ability.  He has already picked up 11 offers and they are all well deserved as his potential is through the roof.  Kameron “The Bloodline” Brown has the football blood running through his veins.  He has one of the highest football IQ in his class besides Safety DJ Turner.  He is great against the run and the pass.  He can give you a 100 plus tackles, 3 interceptions and 2 sacks a season.  Yes they are very similar to Ray Lewis’ yearly numbers and that is whom he is being compared to because of how well he understands the game.  His brother Derrick Brown is one of the top defensive linemen in the country.  Xavier Billingsley and Charles Thomas are both two linebackers that can either play in the middle or outside.

Owen Pappoe Highlights

Defensive Backs

DJ Turner

DJ Turner

Jalen Alexander is still the #1 defensive back in the state.  No other player can have an impact in the pass game and run game like him.  In coverage, he can play whatever scheme you want.  In the run game, he will knock you out.  Already at 5ft 11in, once his body gets stronger, he will probably be the top defensive back in the country.  Malik Webb is another corner who can get it done.  He has the best man-to-man coverage skills in the state, always gets off a good punch on the WR and mirrors him step for step.  Nasier Currie-Sudler from McEachern is similar to Malik Webb and both have the same aggressive attitudes.  He is literally a player that players want to play with due to his passion for the game.  At Safety, you have two players that can be special.  At free safety, Jaylen McCullough is very productive.  He covers from sideline to sideline and possesses a very high football IQ.  His father was a DB in college and it looks like it has translated well into the 6’1 Safety.  At the strong safety position, Malik Washington is a monster.  He can pick off a ball and take it the distance and is also the best tackler in the 2019 class in the secondary besides DJ Turner out of North Gwinnett.  Speaking of DJ, overall he can help a team out a lot.  He can play outside at corner and he can also go back at Safety, make plays in the passing game and run the alley in the run game.

Future Stars Game Malik Washington is #2 in Black.  Start watching highlights at 8:50 mark



KJ Wallace

KJ Wallace

KJ Wallace is a special player.  He can line up at WR or shut you down at corner.  Chris Hinton comes from a great bloodline.  Father was an All Pro lineman in the league.  Chris has continued the high family production on the field as he has the potential to be the #1 player in the country when it is all said and done.  He stands at 6″3, weighs 240 and can move.  On defense he is athletic enough to play MLB in a 4-3, can go outside and be a rush end in any scheme and can also play the run.  On offense he can put his hand in the dirt at TE and be productive or he can line up out wide and be a very consistent playmaker.  He is also one of the best basketball players in the country as well.  Ray Thornton out of Columbus might end up mainly playing Safety but as of right now he is very productive on both sides of the field.  The 6″1 Thornton is special with the ball in his hands.



1 Nolan Smith Defensive Line Savannah
2 Jadon Haselwood Wide Receiver Decatur
3 Owen Pappoe Linebacker Grayson
4 KJ Wallace Athlete Kennesaw
5 Dominick Blaylock Wide Receiver Marietta
6 Christopher Hinton Athlete Johns Creek
7 Harry Miller Offensive Line Buford
8 Keiondre Jones Offensive Line Lagrange
9 Jalen Alexander Defensive Back Grayson
10 Paris Brown Running Back Powder Springs
11 Jaylen McCollough Defensive Back Austell
12 Tru Thompson Defensive Line Griffin
13 Travon Walker Linebacker Upson Lee
14 Kevon Glenn Linebacker Jonesboro
15 Malik Washinton Defensive Back Lilburn
16 Wanya Morris Offensive Line Grayson
17 Jahquez Evans Athlete Atlanta
18 Quentin Skinner Offensive Line Buford
19 Malik Webb Defensive Back Atlanta
20 Jeremy Smith Running Back Savannah
21 Kameron Brown Linebacker Lanier
22 DJ Turner Defensive Back Suwannee
23 Justin Eboigbe Offensive Line Clayton Co
24 Steele Chambers Running Back Alpharetta
25 Nicolas Manson Wide Receiver Jonesboro
26 Ray Thornton Athlete Columbus
27 Derrick McLendon Defensive Line Decatur
28 Ross Malngrem Quarterback Acworth
29 Xavier Billingsley Linebacker Columbus
30 Jamious Griffin Running Back Rome
31 Nasier Currie-Sudler Defensive Back Powder Springs
32 Anthony Edwards Athlete Atlanta
33 Trezmen Marshall Linebacker Homerville
34 Kamonty Jett Running Back Roswell
35 Richard Russell Defensive Line Newnan
36 Tucker Mccoy Offensive Line Silver Creek
37 Jordan Yates Quarterback Alpharetta
38 JD Bertrand Tight End Alpharetta
39 Trevor Smith Running Back Lithia Springs
40 Cameron Cruver Running Back Tyrone
41 Isiah Grant Tight End Marietta
42 Charles Thomas Linebacker Fairburn
43 Tavion Cudger Running Back Atlanta
44 Brannon Spector Wide Receiver Calhoun
45 Kenny Edwards Linebacker/Running Back Norcross
46 Jajuan White Linebacker Atlanta
47 Tyler Goodson Running Back North Gwinnett
49 Kenyon Jackson Wide Receiver Grayson
50 Antoine Davis Defensive Back Macon
51 Christian Singleton Defensive Back Acworth
52 Zach Calzada Quarterback Roswell
53 Ronald Thompkins Running Back Grayson
54 Kendrell Watts Defensive Line Monroe Co
55 Quantavious Hill Athlete Columbus
56 Zion Hawkins Running Back North Paulding
57 Alex Contreras Defensive Lineman Suwannee
58 Ryland Goede Tight End Kennesaw
59 Jkori Jones Quarterback Stone Mountain
60 Nance Hill Wide Receiver Marietta
61 Gary Benton Running Back College Park
62 Kareem Hobbs Linebacker Dallas
63 Jaylen Perry Wide Receiver Daucla
64 Keevaughn Peterson Defensive Lineman Columbus
65 Richard Benton Defensive Line Atlanta
66 Jabril Maxwell Quarterback Decatur
67 David Davis Athlete Stone Mountain
68 Justin Foster Defensive Back Atlanta
69 Derricas Smith Linebacker Rome
70 Ty Murray Defensive Lineman Carrolton
71 Swann Tarver Quarterback Columbus
72 Nakeem Smith Running Back Atlanta
73 Cozbi Craig Linebacker Conyers
74 Javanni Cunningham Wide Receiver Suwannee
75 Marcellus Lockett Athlete Conyers
76 Gavin Gray Quarterback Calhoun
77 Jordan Cox Wide Receiver Acworth
78 Nate Morgan Running Back Stone Mountain
79 Hayden Hairston Kicker Buford
80 Cayde Anderson Defensive Line Forsyth
81 Garick Moise Athlete Marietta
82 Kenyatta Watson Safety Grayson
83 Trevor Arrington Offensive Line Stone Mountain
84 Amir Spivey Wider Receiver Atlanta
85 Jaqualeon Harris Defensive Line Upson Lee
86 Jalyn Williams Quarterback Roswell
87 Nathan Presnell Quarterback Hiram
88 Deshon Stoudemire Defensive Back Stone Mountain
89 Gabe Reeves Wide Receiver Marietta
90 Trevon Salter Linebacker Grayson
91 AJ Brown Wide Receiver Acworth
92 Jakai Clark Offeinsive Line Grayson
93 David Ross Defensive Line Millidgeville
94 Deenizo Gamble Athlete Manchester
95 Xavier Hawkins Offeinsive Line Martinez
96 Kenneth Green Running Back Columbus
97 Michael Bennifield Defensive Back Alatoona
98 Kyle Terry Quarterback Kennesaw
99 Jamal Lewis Athlete Tyrone
100 Jalon Jones Offeinsive Line Columbus

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