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B2C Prime Top 35 Basketball Players: C/O 2020 (National)

B2C Prime Top 35 Basketball Players: C/O 2020 (National)

Born To Compete has pulled together the rankings listed as public information of major media outlets that cover basketball for the 2020 class.  With the average of all the major media outlets rankings, B2C has compiled a ranking that is fair and unbiased across the country in effort to get the true #1 ranked player in the country.


1. Shemar Morrow, California


2. Jason Harris, Arizona

3. Kyree Walker, California

4. Terrance Williams, Maryland



5. Jordan Toles, Maryland


6. Jaden Springer North Carolina

7. Jalen Suggs, Wisconsin

8. Rashad McDaniels, Missouri

9. Donovan Billings, Wisconsin

10. Jeremy Roach, Virgina

11. Tyler Brelsfor, Wisconsin

12. Hunter Jackson, Indiana

13. Isaiah Todd, Maryland

14. Marcus Bagley, Arizona


15. Jaemyn Brakefield, Mississippi

16. Cameron Byers, Maryland

17. Jay Wilson, Texas

18. Anthony Hoggard, Pennsylvania

19. Dwon Odom, Georgia

20. Dillon Depina, California

21. Ben Todd, California

22. Hunter Dickinson, Virginia

23. Raymond Terry, Indiana

24. Elijah Everett, New Jersey

25. Isaiah LeBlanc, Texas

26. Jack Pugh, Ohio

27. Keives Turner, Pennsylvania

28. Jalen Cone, North Carolina

29. Cashius McNeilly, Canada

30. Chris Moore, Arkansas

31. Che Evans, Maryland

32. Jy’Aire Davis, Deleware

33. Trey Hall, Conneticut

34. R.J. Davis, New York

35. Vito Tisdale, Kentucky


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