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B2C Rankings – 9U Division (GA) 11.1.17

B2C Rankings – 9U Division (GA) 11.1.17

The B2C Championship Series has been extended to two weekends, December 1-3 (State Semifinals) and December 9 -10 (State Championship).  Good luck to all the teams.

1.     Welcome All Panthers (121)

2.     Rockmart

3.     GA Thoroughbreds

4.     Atlanta Bulldogs

5.     North Henry Tigers

6.     Gainesville Kemp

7.     Parkview Panthers

8.     Milford Black

9.     Hapeville

10.   Roswell Black

11.   Locust Grove Falcons Grey

12.   Buford Wolves

13.   LFO Falcons

14.   MLC Hurricanes

15.   Midway

HM: Gresham Park Rattlers, Collins Hill, Jefferson Musser, Decatur Army Camo, Etowah Blue, Sequoyah Black 

Welcome All has proved that they are hands down the best team in the state but there are some teams that are starting to play at a high level that have a chance to give the defending champs all they can handle if they reach the championship game.  If the B2C Championship Series started tomorrow it would be a good one.  Welcome All would be in with a bye and North Henry would follow suit.  Atlanta Bulldogs and Rockmart would be a lock.  Gainesville Kemp and Parkview have some great competition in their league but as of today they would also be in.  Roswell Black, Locust Grove Grey, LFO Falcons and MLC Hurricanes would be champions of their league and make the dance.  Which leaves two spots, one is for the Thanksgiving Tournament winner and the other would be the winner of the GXYFL.  As of right now that would be GA Thoroughbreds but with Decatur Army Camo, Gresham Park and Tri-County hot on their heels its no telling who is going to come out of that league.  There is a lot of football still to be played, this could all change in 4 Quarters.  Bracket size is subject change due to teams not accepting their bids.

The B2C Championship Series has been extended to two weekends, December 1-3 (State Semifinals) and December 9 -10 (State Championship).  Good luck to all the teams.


Championship Game 
Welcome All vs Rockmart

Sleeper Team
Decatur Army Camo
Last year they were considered one of the top teams.  This year they are considered a sleeper because of their up and down play.  They are built for cold weather football, if they can make it into the tournament and get rolling at the right time then they have a chance to go the distance.

Upset Alert Team
Atlanta Bulldogs
Even though they have a #4 ranking, people still don’t consider them as one of the top teams.  They have talent all over the field.  Don’t be shocked to see them pull off a big upset and make it to the championship game.

Player to Watch
#55 Parkview – The kid is a monster, also having the Head High School coach work with him in practice doesn’t hurt at all.  He will be in discussion for Lineman of the Year.

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