Centennial Bowl Preview

Centennial Bowl Preview

6U Divison

It’s always interesting to see who wins this age group.  It’s hard to get a gauge on the season because teams start at different times during the year.  Central Dekalb just came off a loss to the Atlanta Ducks in the tournament down in Florida.  It might be a little different when they come to Wade Walker but probably not.  One thing we do know about Coach Reggie (Ducks) teams is that they get better every week.



Ducks win the championship over Central Dekalb and go celebrate with Alex on camera while all the kids drink BodyArmor.





7U Divison 

Central Dekalb still has the best player in the state and probably the country at this age group.  Last year B2C Player of the Year will be ready to go.  North Henry coach is all business as he and his team have a chip on their shoulder after losing the B2C Championship series last year to CD, they want them bad.  The dark horse is the Atlanta Vikings, they are really good!!!  They got better from day 1 of the Autism Bowl to the championship.  Don’t be surprised if they win it all.


Central Dekalb wins in a dog fight over the Welcome All Panthers.  Last second heroics of the reigning B2C Player of the Year puts the Boom Squad over the hump after a goalie stand.

8U Division 

We have been cover Coach Moffet now for 8 years and he has gotten better as a coach every single year.  He elevated his game when he became an 8th Grade coach with South Cobb Eagles in the GMSAA.  This is the first time we have ever seen him this excited to coach.  With that being said it’s going to be very difficult for anyone in this age group to stay within two touchdowns.  They will have an early matchup with DA Camo who is actually a bad matchup for Welcome All because of they size up front.  If Welcome All wins then they will roll in the championship.  Atlanta Ducks are still the most talented team in the 8U age group.  We will see if they fixed their glaring weakness they had last year in the tournament.


Welcome All starts the season as they finished as the #1 team in the state.  They beat the Atlanta Ducks in the Championship 18-6.

9U Division 

Welcome All is out to prove something.  They lost reigning B2C Player of the Year Mansur McClain as he took his talents to the West Coast.  They are still the most dominant team at 9U right now because of their front 7 on defense and offensive line on offense.


Welcome All wins the Championship in a hard hitting game against Tucker 12-0.

10U Division 

Knoxville is a very fun team to watch play.  Last year they went toe to toe with the #1 team in the country, the Tucker Lions.  Now they will be in a tournament with a monster in Welcome All.  Coach Noland will have his boys ready to put on a show as the most underrated QB in youth football comes gets ready to leave his mark.



Welcome All 9U

Welcome wins the game in OT with a pass to the TE from the 3 yard line against the Knoxville Falcons.  Coach Noland gives one of his epic post game interviews and send a subliminal message to Coach Hilton from the Ducks and Coach Dewayne from Tucker.



11U Division 

One thing you can count on is Coach Browning to be there in the end.  One of the greatest coaches in B2C history is at it again with his third team in the B2C Era.  The two previous teams have played in the Frank Ski Bowl.


welcome all 2016 11u

Welcome wins in OT vs the OKC Bombers





12U Division 

Don’t know about you guys but the 12U Division is going to be great this year.  One of the main reasons why is one of the most respected coaches in the B2C Era, Coach Terry has finally got “The Guy”.  Last B2C Offensive Player of the Year for the 11U division joins the Thoroughbreds for 12U and this kid can go!!!  He is instant offense.  We will get to see just how good he is and what Coach Terry can do with him against the Atlanta Tigers early Saturday morning.  Atlanta Tigers should win this game although it will be a good one.  Central Dekalb and Atlanta Vikings get it on on Friday in a must see game.  Central Dekalb was without their QB down in FLA, this week he is back and it is going to make a huge difference to that offense.  Coach Tim always starts slow with the Atlanta Vikings.  So look for this game to go to Central Dekalb but it will be a dogfight.


Atlanta Tigers vs Central Deklab in what might be the a preview of the Frank Ski Bowl championship.  Atlanta Tigers win the game 19-18 in OT.  Even though I am saying this I still have straddle the fence because it is just so hard to pick against GA Thoroughbreds knowing that Coach Terry finally has that missing piece.  So we will just say…Atlanta Tigers should win but don’t be shocked if GA Thoro is yelling “So So Thoro” into the B2C Cameras at 3PM on Sunday.


B2C Spotlight Series – Jake Godfree

Jake Godfree Tight End North Gwinnett  Class 2027 Jake is a rising star in the world of football, and despite being in the class of 2027, he’s already making a

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