Georgia Youth Baseball Rankings 4/16/2013

Check out the Georgia Youth Baseball Rankings, and see which team is number one!

7U Coach Pitch Rankings

  1. 91358017580Acworth Warriors
  2. Gainesville Braves
  3. Rockville Tsunami
  4. Georgia Giants
  5. Hobgood Storm

All of the top five teams are looking to move up in the rankings but Acworth is holding on strong to the number one spot.


7U Kid Pitch Rankings

  1. 91358014128Team Halo
  2. Eastside Youth Wolfpack
  3. GA Yard Dogs
  4. Elite Gamers RWB
  5. Sandtown Whites Sox

This one can go either way as Team Halo and the East side Youth Wolfpack continue to go back and forth right now.  Don’t be surprised to see the GA Yard Dogs make their run as the season has started to heat up as they are known to have a strong program at the younger ages

8U Kid Pitch Rankings

  1. 92efc1d3-522f-46d7-b626-773e84fcd3f1-bulldogsFoundation Bulldogs
  2. East Cobb Titans
  3. Team Bat Rays
  4. Eastside Youth Wolfpack
  5. OTC Xplosion

Foundation Bulldogs are the team to beat right now and it seems as if everyone else is playing for second place.  They must stay consistent as East Cobb teams are known to get stronger as the season goes on.  On any given weekend OTC Xplosion can play championship baseball and depending the seeding when bracket play starts they can very well challenge the top two teams on championship sunday.

9U Ranking


  1. 91358017580Acworth Warriors
  2. 6-4-3 DP Cougars
  3. East Cobb Stallions
  4. East Cobb Braves
  5. FCA Sluggers

Acworth looks very good right now and so does the East Cobb Stallions.  You have to like what Danny Praigo has done at 6-4-3, with his focus on the kids having fun and learning fundamentals he has built a quality program.  It is no surprise that the Cougars are in the conversation as one of the top teams in the state.  Atlanta Prospects round out the top five, this past weekend they were able to walk away with the USSSA NIT Middle GA Classic tournament as they dominated the competition.

10U Rankings

  1. AstroLogoEast Cobb Astros
  2. Team Halo
  3. Homeplate Chilidogs – KEarns
  4. East Cobb Titans
  5. GA Select

This age division knows each other very well but it seems like it might soon be a changing of the guards as ECB Astros have seem to caught up with Team Halo.  Right now that matchup can go either way.  The Chilidogs have a very solid team that can surpass anybody on any weekend.  GA Select can be sleeper team as they have some very quality hitters that can get hot and help this team to get better and better as we approach summer.

11U Rankings

  1. AstroLogoEast Cobb Astros
  2. Homeplate Chilidogs – Vandagriff
  3. Homeplate Chilidogs – Schmits
  4. Elite Gamers – Kaufman
  5. Signature Park Titans
  6. South Forsyth Giants

East Cobb Astros are playing like a team and thats a direct reflection of the coach.  They continue to win big games as they might have one of the most stingiest infields in the state.  Signature Park is absolutely scary when they get their bats going.  South Forsyth is one of those teams that can’t be taken lightly as they have been in the top four in almost every tournament they have been in, that just only means they will continue to get better as the season goes on.

12U Rankings

  1. AstroLogoEast Cobb Astros
  2. North GA Rays
  3. Game on Bulls
  4. 6-4-3 DP Cougars
  5. GA Yard Dogs

This is a very competitive age group here in GA.  All the way from the East Cobb Astros to the GA Yard Dogs, all of these teams can flat out play.  As the summer approaches the cream will eventually rise to the top.


13U Rankings

  1. 643_DP_Banner6-4-3 DP Tigers
  2. East Cobb Astros
  3. First Strike Titans
  4. Homeplate Chilidogs – Dylan
  5. East Cobb Longhorns

6-4-3 DP looks good as the season starts to heat up.  First Strike has a knack for winning the close games which will serve them well as time goes on.  Homeplate Chilidogs – Dylan is a team that can surprise people if they don’t prepare for them.

14U Rankings

  1. georgia-jackets-youth-track-and-field.11bb0fcbd22ec271211d9f8678c04a20-rg-325x217Georgia Jackets
  2. East Cobb Astros
  3. 6-4-3 DP Cougars
  4. Georgia Select
  5. 6-4-3 DP Tigers

So let’s figure this out, last year the Jackets were already a good team.  Now they merged with a few of the Bandits players from last year…really…not a shock they a considered by many to be the number one team in the country.  East Cobb is a team that has always been considered one of the best teams out there and 6-4-3 DP has two teams that will look to compete as the summer nears.



7 v 7 Highlights

7 v 7 Highlights Playlist 12 Videos Rare Air Blue vs Team Huncho | 15U DIV 7:01 The Club vs Rare Air Grey | 14U DIV 1:54 Team Huncho vs

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