Georgia Youth Track and Field Rankings


  1. 482826_382057008576005_875637618_nTia Jones (Unattached – Marietta, Georgia) – Tia Jones has to be one of the best competitors, nationally.  There are not many high school athletes that can run the hurdles with the perfect step count, yet Tia, a 6th grader can, while competing against girls who are older.  Her focus on the track is always on point as well.
  2. Sydney Harris (Jackrabbit Track Club – Suwannee, Georgia) – Since I have been watching this young lady run, she has not lost a race in all of the events that she competes in.  Recently awarded the Smart Athletics “Beast” Award for the most points earned during the Crystal League Track and Field Series, Sydney continues to shine on the track.
  3. Kennedy Simon (Gazelle Track Club – Atlanta, Georgia) – Kennedy is true student of track and field, and her dedication to the sport shows when she competes.
  4. Jordyn Baxter (All Heart Track Club – Atlanta, Georgia) – Jordyn is a fierce competitor, and has been the only girl in the 8 and under division to give Sydney Harris true competition.  Great speed and a positive attitude will keep this youth track and field star at the top.
  5. Nacari Williams (Exchange Zone Track Club – Atlanta, Georgia) – Nacari had an awesome showing at the Smart Athletics Crystal League Track and Field Series, finished first in 2 out of 3 of her events.
  6. Trinity Flagler (All Heart Track Club – Atlanta, Georgia) – Trinity is a great competitor in both the long jump and sprints.  Overall a tough athlete, mentally and physically.
  7. Kennedy Quarles (Gazelle Track Club – Atlanta, Georgia) – The Gazelle Track Club has always had a great tradition in the sprints.  Kennedy is keeping up the tradition, and burning up the track.
  8. Shani Simon (Sapphire-Ruff Riders Track Club – Stone Mountain, Georgia) – A fierce competitor on the track.  Shani competed against some the best youth track athletes in Georgia, and did not disappoint.
  9. Sydney Augmon (Runnin Mustangs Track Club – Snellville, Georgia) – Kudos to Sydney for a job well done.  Sydney will be on the youth track and field radar for this season.
  10. Talaya Lewis (Augusta Flyers Track Club – Augusta, Georgia) – Talaya did well on this track this past weekend.  Looking forward to seeing more great things from this athlete.


  1. 66778_463107917091370_1184924490_nAntuane Dennard (Runnin Mustangs Track Club – Snellville, Georgia) – Finishing first in every event that you participate in is difficult, especially when you are competing against the best that Georgia has to offer.  Recently awarded the Smart Athletics “Beast” Award for the most points earned during the Crystal League Track and Field Series.
  2. Jordan Jones (Peachtree City Flash Track Club – Peachtree City, Georgia) – Born to Compete was introduced to Jordan during the 2012 Cross Country season.  Now, Jordan competes in a shorter distance in the 800M, 1500M, and 3000M, and wins every time.
  3. Methias Carter (Jackrabbit Track Club – Suwannee, Georgia) – The 200M, 400M, and 800M is Methias’ speciality.
  4. William Simon (Gazelle Track Club – Atlanta, Georgia) – The 10 and under boys division had some of the closest races, with two of the top competitors finishing within tenths of seconds apart.  The battle between Tauheed Ferguson and William was won by William winning 2 out 3 races, in the 100M, 200M, and 400M
  5. Tauheed Ferguson (Jackrabbit Track Club – Suwannee, Georgia) – Tauheed competed well against William Simon, and won 1 out of 3 races between the two.
  6. Andre Dennard (Runnin Mustangs Track Club – Snellville, Georgia) – A former Born to Compete Player of the Week, Andre is a beast in field events.
  7. Noah Alleyne (Unattached – Atlanta, Georgia) – This track and field stud has the 12 and under division on notice.
  8. Aeron Gresham (Dynamic Speed Elite Track Club – Conyers, Georgia) – Another great day of competition for Aeron.  Looking forward to seeing his progression throughout this season.
  9. Mossiah Carter (Jackrabbit Track Club – Suwannee, Georgia) – Finishing third to two of the top sprinters in the 10 and under age division is not easy to accomplish.
  10. Josiah Quinn (Dare2Dream Track Club – Peachtree City, Georgia) – A shot put and discus champion who competes hard to win.


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