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The Locker Room: Weekend Recap

The Locker Room: Weekend Recap

By: Alex Benson

Every Friday night I get to go on the Mitch Evans Experience radio show on Sports Talk 92.9 The Game and its always fun to recap the top games but thats only after I finish my obligations at NBC 11 Alive for our #Team 1.1 High School Sports Show. Needless to say I am talking about high school football all day and all night. Add into the fact that we are leading media outlet for youth sports in the world then that let’s you know I watch a LOT of football. Probably more than the average person should but hey its a passion and I love it. With all that being said lets get into the recap.

High School

We said three years ago that McEachern High would be very good and why is that you say? Well its because we watched these guys dominate the middle school programs around the state. Bailey Hockman and Tyler Smith were putting up huge numbers back then. Julian Rochester was at Pebblebrook destroying opposing offenses. So what we saw them do to Buford was no surprise to us but I guess maybe to the masses it caught everyone off guard. McEachern is loaded and those players know that system like the back of their hand. Buford was doomed when they stepped off the bus. Buford did come out with a nice play call when they scored on the trick play but then McEachern responded with a one of those “I just have more talent than you” plays when Hockman launched a bomb to Tyler Smith that went for 70 yards. After that it was going to be a long day for Buford. Even though I have said all those things about McEachern, don’t count out Buford. When the smoke clears they will be there in the end. That coaching staff is just that good.
#72 in White is Julian Rochester and in case you want to know, #1 in White is Randrecous Davis from Mays who committed to University of Georgia

Baliey Hockman is #10 in Blue and Tyler Smith is #2 in Blue


8th Grade
The Lawrenceville Black Knights have some crazy talent on their team to a point it almost doesn’t matter who is out there. Mill Creek even though they were ranked #2 had their hands full and it was a situation where talent and a will to win all came together for the Black Knights as they beat a very good Mill Creek team 32-20.
Pebblebrook is very similar to Lawrenceville, they just have so much talent that they can just do whatever they want to do on the field and when the players are on one page they are hard to beat. Centennial came to play but Pebblebrook was just to much for them. At the end of the game Pebblebrook had a ver decisive win.

6th Grade
It was good to see the some of the former players from the Acworth Warriors that made up one of the greatest teams in B2C history. Now most of the players from that team play with the North Cobb Warriors 6th Grade team and they looked good this past weekend. The offense still can put up points and the defense still flies to the ball. What makes this team so special is that this group of kids have had four different coaching staffs coach them. True they were all good staffs but the point I am trying to make is that no matter who was calling the plays this team continues to win.

9U Division
Watching Buford football is always a pleasure to watch when you are a football purest like myself. Watching the guards pull, the FB make the block on the LB, the RB hit the holes, the adjustments on the snap counts, hand placement on the Oline and Dline. I mean its seriously some beautiful football going on in Buford. Lawrenceville is no slouch of a team and they brought their best effort this past weekend but at the end of the day the Buford way was what outlasted the Knights.

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